Friday, November 8, 2019

When Angels are a normal everyday experience:

You have a different perspective because you really don't need religion in the same way some people do who haven't opened their senses to angels and divine experiences.

So, religion is not really necessary in the same way it is for some people so you live in a world of Spiritual Science where angels are real that you can live around if you are smart enough to do that. They will protect you and tell you what is about to happen so you can avoid problems or be in places that good things are about to happen which helps everyone.

Living in a world of science is beyond any one religion and encompasses them all, and this also encompasses every human being on earth and every animal or life form presently living on earth or visiting here too.

So, you get to an entirely different perspective of everything in the universe when you have these kinds of experiences ongoing in a scientific way every day the rest of your lives.

By God's Grace

Note: It's sort of like the difference of someone say that wishes and dreams to live in the U.S. (I have met thousands around the world like this) and their perspective might have nothing at all to do with reality, and you look at them and know that they might not be able to survive here because  they cannot speak English or cannot read any language or have no idea what they would be getting into and often might wind up in jail or dead very soon if they tried to come here. And often they don't have a passport OR a birth certificate and so never would legally be able to get a passport (legally at least) in the first place.

But, the point I'm trying to make here is once you came to America you might see it is an entirely different place than you ever imagined (both good and bad) and the streets aren't paved with Gold (I have met people who actually believed this around the world by the way).

So, actually living with angels is much much different than most people understand. They are very kind but also into a kind of order that humans usually aren't a part of. They are into obeying God's laws mostly to the letter which humans mostly aren't like this.

But, if you are sincere and they feel they can trust you amazing things happen in your life ongoing and you might live 100, 200, 300 or a 1000 years or more. You just have to listen to the angels because they know what is likely to happen next in time and space. If you don't listen to them often you are soon dead or maimed. This is just what happens. So, unless you are willing to be "kind to all life" living with angels won't be useful to either you or to them.

By God's Grace

Note: It's a lot like following the rules of your ethnicity or religion or group. Each culture has certain rules that cannot be broken without consequences. Living with Angels is like this too. Once you become a part of the angel culture while living here on earth you are also a part of the angel culture once you pass on too. So, you aren't afraid when you pass on because of this. So, once you understand the rules and follow the rules you are accepted into the world of angels while still living here on earth and after as well.

By God's Grace

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