Monday, December 23, 2019

Arcane first came to me around 1980 then Elohar and Ragna a year or two later

Arcane (the first few pages) came to me on a summer day in Mt. Shasta when I lived on Lassen Lane then where Old Stage Road met it in a large old house with my family then. My son from my first marriage was I think 5 then and my step children (my 2nd wife's children from her first marriage) were 6 and 8 years old at that time. It was just before we bought 2 1/2 acres of land at 4000 feet on Mt. Shasta and built an A-frame for ourselves there and lived there until about 1985 when we moved back to the SF Bay area and bought another business so our kids could go to a public school near the ocean then like the oldest wanted when he was 12 in 1985.

So, Arcane first came to me when I had walked down Lassen Lane to what was a little Health food store across from the cemetery (called then Pine Grove Health food store) that was owned by the same people that still own Berryvale next to the post office in town now.  I bought food at the health food store (that was once a food co-op) before this and I carried the food home in the familiar paper grocery bags walking several blocks to where I lived on Lassen lane and Old Stage road.

Then since it was a beautiful day I sat down looking at the mountain which was especially gorgeous on our front lawn since the land the house was built on had a beautiful view of Mt. Shasta from the front lawn. I started writing on one of the paper grocery bags with a pen then because it was available and this seemed the thing I should do at the time. This is where the first lines of Arcane (which is the history of Saint Germain in that incarnation where he was born about 1,000,000 years in the future on the planet New Deva who was then descended mostly from Earth colonists who had colonized his planet. But, they had genetically engineered their people to live underwater with gills which was more useful at that time on this planet New Deva because there was almost no land or islands anywhere and it was almost completely covered by oceans. So, genetically they adapted their people to living there. Eventually, Arcane grows up into a World Saver (as opposed to a world savior). The difference being a world saver prevents the death of a planet and life wave and a world savior saves the souls of those who believe in him and sometimes those who don't believe in him yet.

Since Arcane was born very gifted he was recognized as a saint by age 5 or 6 by the Oracle of New Deva and he was trained as a "Dragon of Compassion" which is like being a priest and a scientist at the same time. They called them "The Priest Scientists of the Planet New Deva.

Arcane is where it all began in 1980:

Memories parts 1 through 11 are all in links on this page as well if you wish.

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