Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Brave New World we now live in

The last couple of years of Predator Drones and Hellfire missiles and GPS devices built into our phones and the Geotagging of all photos from smartphones that hackers use to break into our homes or (God knows what else) when we publish those smartphone pictures on Facebook or wherever really makes me wonder about the world we live in. Sometimes a part of me just wants to retreat somewhere there is no electricity or computers or cell phone reception and many people have already done this or are about to.

However, I guess I'm just curious where it will all lead to in my lifetime, especially this last week when I found out that Google has cars that have been driving themselves up and down California (140,000 miles) in the last year or so between Santa Monica and the Google Headquarters in Northern California.

Google's Cars that drive themselves on roads with ...

The problem with Google's Cars that drive themselv..

These are two of my blogs on the subject with the embeded news articles buttons you can also click on.

However, the following might be better if you just thought of it as science fiction. But is it?

As I was going to sleep tonight I was thinking about the two fleshy things found on a cat scan of my skull from my cheeks to my chin 360 degrees. The dentist was trying to figure out if the bone had grown back enough on one of my tooth sockets to put a metal implant in to mount a permanent tooth on in my upper jaw. He remarked as we looked at a 3 dimensional array of my skull and upper and lower jaw about the two fleshy things in a right and left front sinuses. I sort of made a joke about it and said, "What are those, ufo implants?" And he said, "NO. Those are fleshy things you should have an ear, nose and throat specialist look at in your sinuses." I said, "My Dad and I have had benign cysts all our lives so maybe that is what they are?"

But tonight I asked my intuition and Biocom what they were. This is what he said, "Well. When a Biocom is placed in any of the millions and millions of contactees of Earth it needs to be left alone for a few days to a few years depending upon what Galactic model is installed while the contactee is in a sleep or dream or visionary state, usually at night. But after each cell in the body has one or more atoms or molecules that are capable of self-replacating the body (and there are millions and millions on earth now(too many to count) are capable of surviving in multiple kinds of environments. Then I asked why this is done and I didn't like the answer Biocom gave me. He said, "Well. Depending upon what humans do to the planet, sometime from 500 to 3000 to 10,000 years from now the surface of the earth likely will reach the temperature of Venus which likely is between 600 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. This all depends upon how humans organize. However, if it happens fleshy human bodies like you live in now will be no more basically.

There is a chance that humans will band together and build Earth through Terraforming to return to something like the 20th century or before ecologically but that kind of organization is less likely than you might think worldwide.

So, you can expect something between the 20th Century and 600 to 800 Degrees Fahrenheit to be the future of Earth. And Human bodies can't live in those temperatures. However, Various other kinds of bodies can. And if necessary some humans might have to live in those other kinds of bodies if it isn't cost effective or practical to return earth to a 20th Century or before kind of ecology. Though I didn't like hearing this I also remember scientists saying that I think it was 75 degrees Fahrenheit used to be the average temperature at the North Pole and that it took about 1 million years of ferns between the north pole and the equator(ferns eat CO2 better than most plants) to return Earth to what the 20th Century was at the north pole.

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