Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Safe Dioxin Level of Human Exposure

New dioxin rules might force more cleanups

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Since there is literally no safe level of dioxin exposure for humans finding ways to keep ALL Dioxin, every drop, out of water, air or land, is a good idea for everyone. Dioxon was in 2-4-D or agent Orange which was sprayed over the demilitarized area between North and South Viet Nam during the War. Babies are still being born today all these years later with multiple heads, legs, etc because of this. In the U.S. exposure can often lead to still births in women or fetuses which are just a mess and could never live if born. Toxic shock syndrome caused by feminine hygiene products has mostly been eliminated now. However, it is important to note that any paper of any kind (including toilet paper) would not be white if not for dioxins present. So, all of us are exposed to a little dioxin every day in the bathroom still, unless we use brown toilet paper that one buys from health food stores like Whole Foods. So, dioxin is an ongoing problem as even producing it at all harms all nearby and those who manufacture it. There is NO safe level of dioxin for any living thing on earth.

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