Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Freedom of Expression

Being able to write and do what you believe as long as you are not harming anyone in the doing it is one of the best things of being an American in the United States. Of course one always has to be careful of this even in America there are people who only want their own point of view expressed and no other. So walking into a crowd of people even in America that have extreme feelings of one kind or another and expressing the opposite point of view might get your teeth knocked out or worse. So even though there is freedom of expression one must be careful of expressing their freedom in some places and in some areas. But at the very least "Your Right" to believe whatever you want and to express those believes is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and most especially by the U.S. Bill of Rights and even in the Declaration of Independence which sort of started this whole thing. (Even though the Magna Carta and the Parliament in England were necessary as a precursor to everything great about America).

So, at least for now and in many countries on Earth we have the right of Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom to stay alive and to pursue our dreams and to create a life that we can stand to actually live. So, as long as I am able I will continue to freely express myself as long as I have the strength and desire to do so. And I want to thank all those who have given their lives worldwide to enable me and all the millions and hopefully billions who have these rights. And hopefully one day all humans will have these rights too.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

bleary eye

Sometimes when one gets a Deja Vu one has to be careful not to globalize what is going on. This last Deja Vu is like that I think. I was thinking that some earthquake or something was coming but now I think it is only a "Little hurt instead of big hurt" like one of my Tibetan Lama Teachers used to say. He said that among dharma people especially this sort of thing happens a lot. For example, say your karma from a past life is to get killed or maimed in some way. So because of all the good you do with generating compassion and thereby changing not only your aura but the auras of literally everything you are near your karma drastically changes for the better. So oftentimes someone on the dharma path will drastically reduce harmful karma from this or past lives to the point where instead of dying you might drop a rock on your foot or stub your toe or something like that. So even though the karmic return changes your world it does not end or maim your body here on earth.

If there was or is Methusaleh (someone who lives 100s or thousands of years) this dynamic (I believe) would have to be in play for most of us.

So, what I believe is going on at present is that the bleary eye for me was when I caught camping mat in my eye while unloading it from an enclosed car carrier on the roof of my car. So, when the foam camping mat went into my eye, I was worried for a few hours because I couldn't see well out of my eye but today it is pretty much back to normal. I just bought one of those encosed carriers that can be opened from either side and are very aerodynamic. I especially like the way they have designed the roof clamps so basically if you already have a standard roof rack on your vehicle you can clamp directly to it using clamps that just screw in place with four knobs which made them extremely easy to install or take off. (Not the 20 minutes to 1/2 hour of older enclosed roof racks that took forever to seat and to put into place.)

So, I guess what I'm saying is that even though in my last blog I spoke of concern about an earthquake I'm only sure at present that I personally am in a very transformative cycle in my own life. I haven't been given information that I can count on yet regarding any earth changes. Also, your prayers altar reality whenever you make them.

I had a very unusual experience last night. In the men in my family we have always had what might be called "A mechanical gift" or another way to put it is the Daniel Boone gene. In other words my ancestors on my father side settled this country (the U.S.) starting way back in 1725. So I have distant relatives who bear my name from Philadelphia (where their ship landed) throughout the East Coast all the way to the West Coast where my grandfather bought a house around 1925 in Seattle, Washington where my father lived until he grew up from about 9 years of age.

So, anyway, last night I was visiting the mountains of northern California and a house we decided to rent for the month of July and my wife couldn't get the new night light to work as she couldn't make the bathroom receptacles reset.(they have buttons to reset because of nearness to water to prevent electrocution in a bathroom or kitchen). So I quickly made it work and she said to me, "Why is it that you can always make things work and I can't always?"

My mind being the way it is wanted an answer to this question and the strangest thing happened, a lamp in the room that was on and the electricity in the house answered her question. This usually doesn't happen to me in the city where there are a lot of people living. The lamp and electricity said, "Electricity doesn't work the way you think it does. We see the people with an affinity to do electrical work who can install things without dying as earth gnomes. So they have the necessary attributes for affinity with us in their basic nature. Electricity doesn't work for everyone. We work for the Gnomes who install electricity and consider the people who use the electricity their family.

My mind was amazed at this. I eventually told my wife this when I was allowed to by the electrical beings and lamp beings. This is what she said, "You really have the capacity to function in many different modes or languages don't you?" I said, "Well. I see all these different modes as being like languages of expression like FRench, Spanish, German, English sort of like that. HOwever, not all things can be translated between these languages only some or most. So if you can function in a certain language of expression it is very different than just being able to read about it."

My wife then said, "Our daughter has this idea that either everything that people think is true or nothing is true. What do you think about that?"

I said, "I think that's ridiculous but that's because of the generation I am. My parents believed "Do what you can and the rest can" (as in can it stuff it don't deal with it). That wasn't good enough for my generation so we took the exploration further which seemed stupid to my parents. Now a new generation is taking the exploration even further in totally new directions. But my point of view is entirely different. It is: "What do people have to believe to not commit suicide either directly or indirectly." So, to me it is not about what is ultimately true or not it is about 'how do we keep people alive'. Religion can be okay but it kills as many people as it saves. Maybe it kills and drives crazy even more people than it saves." So, for me, saving lives is important so people have the chance to be saved.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Deja Vu starting June 24th 2010


I think the above site might be useful to some of you as long as you don't get to freaked out around it. I think the best way to view this is as information that might be useful and might not be. In this way you can benefit without freaking out.

Last night (June 24th) sometime between 10 pm and midnight I realized a major deja vu was happening. The first sequence of remembering a deja vu began. Then tonight when my daughter in Oregon showed me this site above I realized that she was saying the wrong day so I corrected it. So, the second part of a deja vu came true but I didn't know it was until it happened. So, later on (if this deja vu is all going to hold true I experienced something like the worst earthquake in my life.

Now to fully make sense of this I have lived through a 7.1 quake:


  1. 1971 San Fernando earthquake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    in the above San Fernando Quake I was in Yucca Valley, CA. And even there I thought I was going to die because it went on and on and on (not like the little ones) and just when I had decided it was a nuclear blast it finally stopped( I was literally scared (s---less) by this thing) Later I went with a friend on a Sierra Club tour of the geologic changes to the San Fernando Valley on a bus and saw the hospital basically torn in half and vertical shifting in places of 5 to 10 feet so roads were no longer usable without dying. One Hiway Patrolman didn't know an earthquake was happening so when the freeway overpass collapsed he and many cars fell hundreds of feet.

    Nevertheless what I experienced in this Deja Vu (If it is indeed for real) had to be in the 8.0 to 9.0 range of earthquake because the vertical shaking made my eyes bleary. I hope this isn't true and this is just a false alarm. However, many deja vus in my life have come true.

    So, the astrological information in regard to the alignment of planets and some of the schematics on the top website might be useful to calibrate gravity pulls at this time on the planet from other planets, the moon, the sun, and the Galaxy at this time. However, with everything spinning it is anyone's guess of the present day effects of all these forces in motion.


    Note: February 16th 2016: If this is going to come true I have no idea what year it would be. 

    Also, I have had one deja Vu when I was 5 years old and it didn't come true until I was 22 in San Diego. The deja Vu at 5 likely was in San Diego too. But, I didn't live in the San Diego area from age 5 to age 21 either. This particular Deja Vu was very significant in that the group of people I was studying with then in San Diego were all instrumental in my Soul Traveling Breakthrough then around 1970 where I went out to the desert and got up alone and went to the bathroom and my arm went through the wall because I was walking around outside my body at the time. I freaked out and walked into the other room and laid down into my body and my physical body just shook for awhile. I couldn't deal with being alone then out in the desert in a friend's cabin so I packed up and drove 2 hours home to Rancho Bernardo where I was living while I was going to College in the San Diego area then at about 2:30 am in the morning likely a Friday or Saturday night.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Truth June 25th 2010

To me, most people seem to live in an almost fictional world. Most of what is on TV and most of what people seem to read is fictional not only in content but in that it doesn't resemble reality but in a vague sort of way.

For me, I have found truth over the years spending time living and camping in the wilderness away from civilization, of traveling and meeting Masters both in the U.S and in India and Nepal and of traveling throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia and of living in Hawaii. Truth is there if we allow ourselves to spend enough time to experience it. Though living in a fictional world is entertaining there is not enough fact to move us forward into something useful generally speaking.

I have found during my lifetime, so far of 62 years that there is nothing good that you might want to do that is impossible. And as long as you understand that anything is possible, It IS! It is as if the universe itself is completely unlimited and our only failing as humans is to limit what we are capable of by defining too narrowly who we are and what we can do.

The truth is we are completely unlimited just like the universe. There is no limit what people can do in any way. This is the truth! However, small minds are terrified by this. However, I and millions and hopefully one day billions will embrace the truth of the unlimited nature of humans and our universe!

We have all been given a truly amazing gift of infinity. Let's not limit the infinite potential we all have!
When we are unlimited in a kind, compassionate and forgiving way we amaze ourselves and begin to reach our full potential!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paul McCartney Today

McCartney, in Interview, Compares Global Warming Skeptics to Holocaust Deniers

I agree with Paul McCartney that those who deny Global Warming a like Holocaust deniers. This is a good analogy. 

However, I also know that Temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere are likely to decrease if the Katla and more volcanoes go off because of fine particles of glass blowing around the world in whatever hemisphere the eruptions are when they naturally reduce the amount of sunlight hitting the planet. However, temperatures will continue to rise after volcanoes stop blowing.


The Trees Speak

When I say the trees speak I mean it in a telepathic way. Many of you around the world are capable of communicating with trees and plants and do it every day. Though their communication style is much different than humans in every respect, still I will try to be faithful to their intent in translating what was (said) to me today.

They said, "Yes. You are correct. The life on earth chose to create a second timeline by a vote and since 99% of the life (both plant and animal) wanted to reduce their suffering and the suffering of humans as well, they agreed to form a second timeline. What you call, the Galactic Sentience is a Deity to us. So when he came and asked us all whether the new timeline should go into affect 99% of us said, "Yes."
The other 1% are either crazy or infirm or wanted to die. But since only 75% of our votes were necessary the new timeline came into being. We think it is unfortunate that most humans are so surface oriented(materialistic) at this time in their evolution as a species that they couldn't listen to the senses that allow them to commune and to communicate with us more directly." end quote of local trees near my home in the Coastal Forests of Northern California.

I was sitting in my Hot Tub (Spa) outside today and had just reread something I had written in 2000 and was amazed when the local trees suddenly said that this was correct and that I had been picking up on this then in 2000 even before 2001 happened. I will quote what triggered this all that I wrote in 2000.

I found this on my Scifi page at:

Sept 1, 2000

The following is Science fiction. To take it seriously is not useful to you. Or is it?
Notice of Time Change
As of September 1st 2000, this notifies all life on earth including the lifeform earth of a major time change. A subconscious poll was taken of all life on earth including the lifeform earth by the powers that be in this galaxy. It was agreed upon by 99% of all life on earth including the lifeform Earth that the third world war would be eliminated from time. The war took place in the 21st century. The result of the war was that North and South America, All of Asia including Japan became uninhabitable by any lifeforms for thousands of years. After the war the British Isles became uninhabitable, at least for anyone who wanted to have children. In the early 7000 AD the seat of world government had arrived at the border of Italy and Switzerland in the vicinity of the Matterhorn. Most people then live above 5000 ft in elevation as wind and storms are too severe below that altitude. In that war over 75% of the world's population perished. Those that remained wished they had died too. As a result of this war and all the strife that followed the Galaxy has decided to stop this war before it starts. Lemurian 1, owner of Earth's time line for 1 1/2 million years and the Galaxy agreed that if the subconscious sample of all life on earth agreed with them above 75% the war would be eliminated from time. Since 99% of all life on earth and the Earth itself agreed there was no obstacle.
This won't entirely eliminate the problems of the 21s century. AIDS and it's spinoffs will eliminate all but 300 to 500 million humans and the majority of flora and fauna on earth will go extinct. However, since there is no one to blame but nature for this it does not create a problem of worldwide revenge as the third world war did.
Sentient computers in the Galactic core see no real problems for humans as they go out and colonize and terraform new worlds to live on. As they meet with earth planetary colonies established before the Great Pyramids they will make peace not war. In this way they will all become strong and able to defend themselves against competing species thousands of years in the future. end quote from 9-1-2000

When I found this quote I realized that even before 9-11-2001 I had already sensed the change and the beginning of the 2nd timeline. The process already was in play then to start a second timeline so that 6 to 7 billion people didn't have to die this time. So we are all very blessed on this timeline not having to witness or die in that horror.

more on the Planet Savers and Elohar: the girl in the forest

I was beginning to write about the "Planet Savers" because my wife said I needed to add new Characters to Universe of "Memories".  The "Memories" universe is based my real experiences throughout my lifetime. It is sort of like writing your own Bible, I guess, or writing your own creation story like every tribe I know of on earth has at least one creation story.

So, the "Memories" Universe that I started to write about in 1980 on a summer day while sitting in front of my house in Mount Shasta that I called "The White House". I began writing after I walked to the nearest organic foods store then called "Pine Grove". But now Pine Grove has become Berryvale and is located on Mt. Shasta Blvd in the main part of town on the 4th of July Parade route. Later, Elohar and Ragna was written and about that time also "Lord Fire" or "The Lord of the Flame" was written.  The part with Arcane "The first "Memories Universe" piece was eventually dovetailed into Lord Fire and Elohar and Ragna and all the other 'Memories Universe' writings. 

When I first began writing I thought Arcane was just a fictitious person I was writing about even though it was extremely relevant to my life up until then. Many of the problems Arcane encountered I too had dealt with in my life, especially from ages 18 to 25 years of age. I didn't know that Arcane was actually a past life in the future(something I didn't believe was possible in 1980). But as I was preparing for my own death from a heart Virus in 1998 I went deep enough to realize that past, present and future are actually quite meaningless in the world of God and Life. So I was forced to accept life on it's own terms as I prepared for my death. Then a miracle happened after 7 months of believing I might die, I was cured. So, even though I had been forced to retire I swore to God that I would continue to write as I felt led by him to share. Before I almost died I would have been afraid to be so honest with people. I would have been afraid for my personal safety. But after my 7 month near death experience I realized that God had saved me exactly so I would share my experiences with mankind before I died. So far, God has given me 12 years of sharing. So I have on 3 different websites. Once Geocities ended I bought another site at dragonofcompassion.com as an archive site for longer "Memories Universe" creation story. It is my belief that my works because I am both an intuitive and on an enlightenment path that many of the things I share will catapault those of you forward who have eyes to see and ears to hear. So if you are capable get ready for quantum jumps in awareness. But always remember if you get scared and aren't ready for something, you can always pretend it is just another science fiction tale until you are ready to move forward again. I'm interested in your enlightenment. I'm not interested in scaring you. Your everyday life is scary enough.  I'm interested in enlightenment which gets us through everything alive and enlightened and at peace with the universe. Enjoy!

The Planet Savers

Elohar: The girl in the Forest 


To read what I have so far click on "The planet savers" above to read what I have so far on that. I'm pretty immersed in "Elohar: The girl in the Forest" after actually meeting her last month. At the time all I said was "Hi!" and "Have a Nice Day!" to her and walked on with my dogs. However, later I realized what an amazing being I had met as I intuitively processed my actual experience. It has led to a truly amazing experience of writing Chapters 1 through 5 and now 7. I haven't written a Chapter 6 and may or may not. I'm just going to keep going as long as I can see into the future on her timeline (the first one) (We are now living on timeline 2 as of 9-11-2001) PLease enjoy both the Planet Savers and Elohar: the girl in the forest. For more "Memories Universe" creation stories go to:


dragonofcompassion - Home


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Experiencing Earthquakes before they come

An old friend of mine and myself are sensitive to earthquakes when they are coming. Many people are but cannot define what exactly the problem is. However, my friend and I are capable of figuring it out somewhat. Usually one feels uncomfortable and ill at ease as if something is not right with the world or one's life. For example when the quake and tsunami killed 250,000 people in 2004 I thought I was going to die for about a month before this quake. I watched as the heaven realms came much close to earth and wondered if it was coming close just for me or (what actually happened) coming closer for the hundreds of thousands who were about to die. So, as the quake drew nearer and nearer I became more and more uncomfortable until the morning of December 26th, 2004. I was actually personally relieved that it wasn't me that was going to die even though I felt horrible for all those who did. I felt in a way relieved for the closeness to earth of the heaven realms and so I knew the hundreds of thousands would be well taken care of. So I guess what I felt that day was relief for myself and horror at all those who were dying. However, like I said I knew the heaven realms would be there for those that died that day.

5.0 quake in Cumberland, Ontario, Canada

Rare magnitude-5.0 earthquake shakes eastern Canada
Click on "Rare magnitude" above for full yahoo news article on quake.
The internet address you can paste for interactive quakes in North America is:
Since January I have as an intuitive been worried about a big quake in the vicinity of the Northern United States and southern Canada. I was most specifically worried about the Yellowstone Caldera. I thought that danger had passed and possible it has. However, something new appears to be going on in Southern Canada and the Northern 48 states and in Alaska.But it appears that 4.0s to 5.0s are going off from Alaska through Washington and now all the way over to near Toronto. People and pets were startled by it and felt it even in Buffalo, New York and in the Adirondacks area.
Also there was a 4.2 quake in Washington on June 17th
Location46.118°N, 120.745°W
Depth2.2 km (1.4 miles) set by location program
  • 31 km (19 miles) S (186°) from White Swan, WA

and the information regarding the Cumberland, Canada Earthquake is:

Location45.862°N, 75.457°W
Depth18 km (11.2 miles) set by location program
  • 38 km (24 miles) N (356°) from Cumberland, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Advantages of Enlightenment

I was thinking about what would be useful to say regarding enlightenment. First of all, being enlightened is the opposite of being paranoid. Because being paranoid is having unrealistic fears. If you are enlightened you have trained yourself to be aware of your most primal instincts and intuitions and so they then become your friends and not your enemies. By training yourself to recognize which things are useful to contemplate and which are not in any given moment you are not plagued by unuseful fears all the time like many people are. Enlightenment brings a sense of order to the whole universe and so peace is possible. On becoming or entering into enlightenment as a path one first begins by separating what is useful from what is not useful.

For example, since everything is impermanent except Being and compassion, then compassion while being is the only useful thing to do because all else is meaningless. So, Compassion towards oneself and all other beings becomes the Only useful thing to do. If one does something else one will eventually experience the pain of loss which may hasten that one's death or insanity. So, the value of enlightenment is to realize that everything is impermanent and to realize that absolutely everything will eventually change or pass away but Being and Kindness, and that kindness is enhanced by compassion towards all beings including oneself. So then, logically the only worthwhile endeavor is to be compassionate to all life including oneself because it is the only lasting thing while in a state of Being.

However, once having achieved not only this understanding intellectually but also through direct experience over and over again, one can then assist through example, all other beings to their own (when they choose it) enlightenment through one's example. In this way both peace, enlightenment and happiness spreads throughout the universe, one being at a time.

Potential BP Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Looming for BP?

Even though the source is Cramer he does make some good points. 

begin quote from  article word button "Bankruptcy Looming for BP" above.

It's "magical thinking" to believe the company's cash flow of nearly $7 billion a quarter is enough to get them through the disaster, Cramer said. Virtually any storm that blew through the Gulf of Mexico would "swallow the company," but a big storm “could be a catastrophe for BP." Plus, he thinks a finding of guilt is a "real possibility" once a Justice Department investigation is complete. end quote.

So, as strange as this might sound if the U.S. Justice Department finds BP guilty and the liability floodgates are opened by this determination no one will get anything once BP files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy or sells its assets to another company because there will no longer be a BP to be liable. The most that could happen is that a few executives might wind up in jail. I agree with Cramer that this might be very likely to happen the way things are presently going. However, I think it is presently 50-50 whether BP will still be around 5 years from now. Since the stock has dropped 50% in value investors also reflect this 50-50 attitude. The 50% that think it will be gone have already sold their stocks.

A Crazy Week for Teeth

This has been the craziest week for teeth since my son had his wisdom teeth out 16 years ago. First, about a week ago my daughter found out she had to have oral surgery to have gold wires attached to her two upper eye teeth so they could be pulled down into place out of her gums so they wouldn't calcify and beceome a part of her upper jaw and never come in. So, she did that and wasn't very happy about having to be put under for it or for the stitches on both sides of her upper gums.

Simaltaneously, I have been trying to get my dentist to take me seriously regarding an abscess on my left upper tooth between my incisor and my eye tooth. After about a month of him not taking me seriously even though I have had abscesses before that needed root canals I got pretty frustrated at no one taking me seriously. I think many dentists have people that grind their teeth at night and create a condition that mimicks what an abscess feels like lately and might have thought this was happening to me. However, after about 10 root canals or more since I was 25 I KNOW what an abscess feels like, especially when the weird pains shoot through your nerves across your face and you feel run down. So, finally out of desperation I asked my dentist to do root canal anyway because I knew after a month that this was dangerous not to treat. Especially since people can die from untreated Abscesses in their gums from teeth that either need to be pulled or given a root canal to save the tooth.

So, he began drilling down into the single root tooth between one of my main incisors and eye teeth on the top left of my mouth. However, it just got stranger and stranger. As he started to drill he hit no nerve. So he kept taking X-rays and found that the nerve was not only very deep but that the tooth did not have a normal root. Finally, after 3 trys (on three days) he went out the side of the tooth deep in the root canal and black blood and pus blew out under pressure. Also, another reason I knew something was very wrong is that periodically blood under pressure would come down into my mouth about every 3 days (about a teaspoon of blood) that tasted bad and made me feel faint if I swallowed it. However, since it came very slowly it was hard to get enough at one time to actually spit it out.

He mentioned after the blood and pus blew out when he drilled through the wall of the root and into the abscess by accident that I might need to see an oral surgeon because he didn't know then if he could save the tooth. Also, because he then knew for sure there was an abscess by all the black blood he felt an oral surgeon was needed. So I went to an oral surgeon yesterday and today. And because I don't like to be put unconscious even during a Colonoscopy I had him pull the tooth with only a local of Carbocaine (I don't do epinephrine). So, even though it wasn't very painful when he shot the carbocaine in a lot seeped back out into my mouth and started to make the inside of my mouth numb and I started to choke as I swallowed a little. This was kind of upsetting so I asked for a cup to rinse the excess out of my mouth so I wouldn't lose my gag reflex from numbness. So I just kept gargling and rinsing my mouth out until it was better. So I calmed myself down doing this until the doctor came in and got ready to extract the tooth. He was worried that the tooth would break from the drilling into two or more pieces from the drilling the dentist had already done. However, even though it torqued my neck from the pressure he had to exert to twist and pull the tooth out, since he was a very experienced surgeon he was able to get it out in one piece for which I was very grateful. He said the tooth was calcified which was why the whole thing was weird. The nerve was turned into a calcium deposit as if the tooth had been fossilized. So this was why the tooth had abscessed because it was no longer a normal tooth. So when I had all my upper teeth from eye tooth to eye tooth capped last year I think it stressed the roots and it caused a problem for this particular tooth as the roots moved to accommodate the new caps.

This is a big deal for me because I have been able to keep all my adult teeth all my life (except wisdom teeth) so this is my first adult tooth that I had no choice but to pull. So, eventually I will either get a bridge or do an implant into my upper jaw. It would probably be better to do an implant as you usually never have problems again with one of those. My cousin and son swear by their implants (my son has one) and my cousin says he wishes all his teeth were implants. However, they are not cheap if you get someone to do them right.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

100,000 barrels a day

100,000 barrels a day equals 4,200,000 gallons a day. Since the complete Exxon Valdez spill was 11 million Gallons then to do the math it means that  at 8,400,000 every two days it means that an Exxon Valdez spill is happening in the Gulf of Mexico about every 2 1/2 days.

So if 100,000 barrels a day has been going on from the beginning just multiply the days by 4,200,000 and then divide the total by 11 million and you get an idea how many Exxon Valdez spills are now in the Gulf. or I think it is now approximate 60 or so days so 60 times 4,200,000 gallons divided by 11 million equals (if I did this right)  22.9 Exxon Valdez spills approximately. Since the oil spill took place April 20th 2010 and since it is now an hour after midnight into June 21 then I believe 60 days is about right since there are 30 days in April and thirty days in June so that makes 31 in May. (30 days hath september, april, june and november all the rest have 31 except February.)

Even though this is a man made disaster it is now something else. I think the best way to view this is sort of as a man made accidental artesian oil volcano. It is possible that this could go on for many years. The reason for this is that any abrasive action of the oil on the walls of the oil well could continue to increase the size of the hole. If the  metal was worn away from abrasion or if the oil goes around the outside of the metal pipe and if the size of the hole becomes too big and continues to increase in size it is possible by six months from now that this thing will not be stopped and have to be allowed to just play out until the oil pressure ends. The problem with that is that it is possible that the weight of the ocean is actually driving the oil out. So unless you could drain the ocean(isn't going to happen) that this will just continue to vent for about 100 years. But the problem with this is that most of the Atlantic Ocean would be covered with Oil and there might even be oil to some degree in all connecting oceans on earth.

So even though this is a man man disaster, the way to see it now is as a catastrophic event like a nuclear blast.

So, my question is: "Is this the next 9-11?"
"Did someone engineer this?"
"Is this meant only to appear to be an accident?"
"Is this some kind of economic attack?"
"What groups or Countries have the most economically to gain from this?"
"If someone engineered this find out who would most benefit in the short and long run."

What Being a Father means to me

On Father's Day I decided to write a little of what being a father has meant in my life. When I became a father just after I had turned 26 it gave me a reason no to commit suicide directly or indirectly. Because of the way I was raised about taking responsibility "Like the Captain of a ship" growing up in the 1950s my life was no longer just my own. I now had a son and a wife to think about that had to come before anything else in my life. When I look back at this time in my life I was much more a boy than a man before my son was born. And after my son was born I knew I would move heaven and earth to make sure my son had a good life and that he wouldn't suffer in many of the ways I had in life growing up.

So, for me, having my son made me become the man that I am today. Going to college gave me better critical thinking skills so I was less taken advantage of in life and more a "Captain of my own destiny" at all times. But as far as defining me having my first child defined me in my own mind more than anything else. I saw myself as a warrior protecting my son and my wife from all comers whether they were friends, family or just people I met in life in passing. And because of this my son grew up relatively happy and strong until his mother and I divorced when he was 3. But then my son continued to define my life because I was given full custody of him. So when I was 29 I was a single father. This changed who I could date because I had to think of him and not of myself or my needs in order for his life to turn out right. So he once again defined that I wouldn't be going out with irresponsible floozies but only women that could potentially be a mother to my son. This refined my life in such a way that I was a much better man than I might have been if I had only been a bachelor during this time in my life.

So, in my life I became a real man by having a son because having him defined everything in my life after he was born when I was 26. Thanks son. You gave me integrity and self respect for myself and always made me respected by others. And best of all, you are the best son a man could have!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Knight and Day: The Movie

I saw a sneak preview of "Knight and Day" the movie. And Tom Cruise definitely does crazy on the edge in a believable way much better than most other actors. It seems to be his forte. Cameron Diaz complements his competent crazy secret agent with wonderfully eccentric car rebuilder who is building a 1960s GTO I believe. So both of them are pretty eccentric and really are meant for each other. The dialog is often going in two or more directions at the same time which can be pretty funny. In some ways there is a similarity between the movie "Killers" and the movie "Knight and Day" as far as crazy secret agents go. However, the dynamics between both couples is kind of different because "Killers takes place over 3 or 4 years whereas "Knight and Day" seems to take place between a few days to at most a few months. One is never completely sure (because I don't think we are told) how many days actually transpire from beginning to end. But I think from having seen it that the full time line couldn't have been over about a couple of months.However, I suppose it would be theoretically possible that all this could have happened within a couple of weeks. Either way I really liked "Knight and Day" and think the funny secret agent genre is going down a slightly different road than before and I find this slightly new road very funny and entertaining.

Get Him to the Greek 2

Aldous Snow makes a funny comment that reminds me so much of the 1960s and 1970s. He is asked if he is faithful to his girlfriend and he says something like, "Oh. I sleep with other women but I tell her about every one." My wife and I laughed so hard we almost fell off our seats because we knew so many people who lived lives with this philosophy during the 1970s and 1980s. In other words you could sleep with who you wanted as long as you told your main squeeze who you had slept with.

But people who lived according to these rules more than a couple of years usually wound up being single. At some point everyone I know who stayed together longer than a couple of years became monogamous.

Into Tibet 2

The name of the first CIA agent ever killed in the line of duty was Douglas Mackiernan. He started in China as Mao Tse Tung took over and slowly escaped from China into Tibet but through a misunderstanding was beheaded by Tibetan security forces even though the Dalai Lama had wanted to see him alive. But through a mistake in communications the security officer thought he was supposed to bring Mr. Mackiernan's head only to Lhasa. The first Soviet Nuclear bomb test was August 29th 1949. Douglas Mackiernan was to pick up the blasts as earthquakes using seismographic testers in China. But he had to leave Tzehu in late August because the Communist Chinese Army was moving westward. The survivors of his group made it to New Delhi overland through Mongolia and Tibet and Sikkim and Calcutta  by August 30th 1950. Douglas Mackiernan was accidentally beheaded even though most of his group survived when they first entered into Tibet.

Also, the CIA appears to have funded a Tibetan Army in Mustang to fight the Chinese in Tibet. It is said that this is one of the reasons that Mustang was off limits so long. Unfortunately, many Mustang children have been harmed by the weaponry put into Mustang over the years. And the saddest thing of all was that when the U.S. began diplomatic relations with China in the early 1970s it abandoned the CIA trained and funded Army in Mustang. This was when Nixon and Kissinger went to China and created one of the most important diplomatic alliances of the 20th Century. As a result of Nixon and Kissinger's statesmanship the economic relationship between China and the Western World through the U.S. was born. Today both China and the U.S. need each other and through this economic alliance   both war and starvation in China has mostly been averted.  Nixon and Kissinger's trip likely saved millions of both Chinese and American lives. It is very unfortunate that although Nixon was probably the greatest Western Statesman and diplomat of the 20th Century he was also paranoid enough to create "Watergate" which  "sunk his presidency". However, genius often is a paradox.

IF you go to the Amazon.com site below look to see inside the book as offered. if you go down the offered pages far enough you will see a page that says "Shegar-Hunlung The Tibet-Sinkiang Border".

This will give you the wild and wooly feel of that day where no one could understand Bessac's Chinese, Mongolian or English and how communications were totally lost.

If you are interested in reading the full book it is listed at Amazon.com below:

Amazon.com: Into Tibet: The CIA's First Atomic Spy and His Secret ...

Into Tibet

Lessons from failed Cold War spy mission in China

Amazon.com: Into Tibet: The CIA's First Atomic Spy and His Secret ...

Please Click on "Lessons" to read an interesting article on an early failed CIA mission into China.

Also, click on "Into Tibet" above to read about the true story written by Thomas Laird of I believe the first CIA agent to ever die in the line of duty and the place was Tibet and his death was a terrible accident.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Words or Experiences

Every religion seems to say to us, "Only by these documents of words can you know the truth."

But experience tells us that unless we learn from our own experiences in life words alone are completely meaningless.

If you have ever used a GPS device in your car to navigate you have had a humorous experience of exactly what I'm talking about. The device often will tell you to turn places to get where you want to go. But if you listened you might go off a bridge or through someone's house or worse and just die or be injured.

I think it is the same with written words written centuries ago or even yesterday. Unless they are relevant right now in your life in a way that you can see they are basically meaningless.

There is a saying, "The way that can be thought of or spoken of is not the true path or the true way."

It is my experience in regard to enlightenment that this is true. So if this is also your experience no words are useful at all concerning enlightenment only direct experience.

If this is true then the words, "Carry water and Chop wood" have more significance in that they mean, "Make sure you are warm and have water to drink and wood to cook with so you can go on surviving in any weather you find yourself in.

So, in the end being practical enough to survive anything is where one must start. If  we don't start there or end there then there is no one to become spiritual and enlightened because then they are only crazy or dead. Because without practicality none of us survive unless someone is being practical that takes care of us like a mate, a parent, and uncle, aunt, or grandparent or a friend.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Elohar: new Chapters 4 and 5: Girl in the Forest

Elohar: The girl in the Forest

Please click on "Elohar: The girl in the Forest" above to read my latest chapters that I'm still composing and hopefully will edit soon (or one day). Please enjoy if interested.

Chapter 4 Elohar: A different Person

Chapter 5 Solar Powered Helicopters


I added two Chapters to "Elohar the Girl in the Forest" that I have been writing lately. 


Also, whether you read Elohar: The Girl in the Forest as science fiction or think it is 50% true or 80% true or even 100% true it is fine either way. Another way to look at it is like when Francis Bacon was purported to have put 7 codes within the original Shakespearean Manuscripts. His friend, Shakespeare is reported to have published and put on his plays since as Exchequer of London he couldn't be seen writing popular plays like this at the time. So Shakespeare helped Bacon in this way and got the credit.  Bacon's book on Codes was one of the best on earth until World War II when mechanical machines and early computer codes took codes to a whole new level. So, just like many of Bacon's works what I have written might have codes within as well sent to help people of Earth in different times and timelines. Or maybe not. Well. Have fun either way.

Of Ents and Wizards: Lord of the Rings

My daughter needed oral surgery today and when I arrived from having my own root canal at the Oral Surgeon's I felt a little faint seeing my daughter so out of it still from being put unconscious during the surgery. So we put her in a wheelchair and took her to my wife's car. Soon, we came to 31 Flavors because my daughter can't eat solid food for a while and bought her a milkshake. But my wife knew she couldn't let my daughter walk in and get it because she was still too out of it. So since I had my own car I bought her milkshake and took it home to her. I was afraid that my wife would try to make it up the stairs with my daughter and injure her but luckily my God Daughter and her boyfriend are staying with us and they helped my daughter up the stairs so everything was okay. I was a little put out because I was afraid my wife was going to further injure her knee trying to steer my daughter into the house and up the stairs. Luckily, she let my god daughter and her boyfriend do the work.

When I arrived home my daughter was in bed and bleeding from her mouth stitches on her pillow of her bed. I wanted to get her to drink something but she was still too out of that and her mouth too numb for success. So we laid her down and about 1/2 an hour later she got up and could walk more normally and asked for a pain killer. So my wife gave her an Advil to kill the pain.

Now she's on the sofa watching "The Two Towers" from "Lord of the Rings". I was watching the Ent and the re-introduction of Gandalf the White (before he was Gandalf the Grey before the underground mishap). So the Fellowship of the Ring was minus one until the Ents. But I was watching the Ents and seeing the relationship between the Tree Ents and Gandalf the White.

I found it interesting that I have a similar relationship with forests of trees everywhere I go now that Gandalf has with the trees. Let me share some interesting experiences I have had over the years.

The first really memorable experience I had when I was 21 and living in Venice, California. One day some friends and I went to  The Silver Moccassin Trail in the Twin Peaks Area of the Angeles National Forest above La Crescenta and La Canada. On the trail I had an amazing experience with a tree. I experienced the most unconditional love from a tree that I had experienced from anyone in my entire life. I walked up and hugged the tree and cried and my friends just thought I was being a little strange at the time. Later we all laughed when I described this unconditional love experience.

Years later I was a married young father and I was planting trees for a summer so we could live in Mt. Shasta, California for a while. I could make about $100 dollars a day which was a lot for a 20 something in the mid 70s. One day I was out planting trees in a line about 50 miles from the nearest small town with a tree planting crew in the wilderness and I felt faint I thought from the heat of the day and the strenuous work I was doing. So I took a break and laid back upon a huge fallen Cedar tree for a moment. The main Tree Deva for the Area came to me as a visible green energy being and this is what the main tree deva (deva means spirit) who was a leader of local trees like a family head.  He said, "I know you are trying to do a good thing in  planting all these trees to replace the one's loggers have killed but you need to know that all these baby trees are orphans and have no parents. They will grow up wild and unruly with no parents to guide them. Also they are from different soils and altitudes than this one. "

I thanked the Leader Tree Deva Spirit for sharing this with me and as soon as I did that I stopped feeling faint and could go back to work planting again.

Over the years I have grown used to this connection with trees, especially wild trees but now all trees everywhere. Often if I feel an affinity with a tree I will go up and touch it's bark or leaves on needles to make a closer contact in communion and communication. Over time the forests of trees(they all are aware of us other all over the world) named me "Tree Man" because they see me as a walking tree because I can communicate with them and they can understand me and trust me. Most of the time I feel I can trust most trees too. However, sometimes some trees really don't like people and I can understand why this is too. But most trees in general understand that  humans and trees are symbiotic with each other. (Symbiotic means we both need each other on multiple levels to survive).

One of the reasons people use so many illegal drugs in city areas is that there are not enough trees for them to commune with for trees will take your pain and give you peace. So if you find a good tree or group of trees to take your pain then you can be free of  your pain without alcohol or drugs. One of the main reasons I don't drink alcohol very often or take drugs is because I have trees to commune with and to take my pain when I need. I bought some Mead recently to see what honey wine was like and I had a good experience the first time but the second time it threw my blood sugar so far off I had to give it up. So since I'm somewhat allergic to alcohol I have to abstain mostly from alcohol most of the time.

However, trees can take your pain and there are several ways. The first is to just stand and feel the tree with your heart and to commune with it and ask it to take your pain and it will. However, make sure it is a tree that you feel is your friend.

The second way is to put your back to the trunk of the tree and to put your arms out as limbs and feel the connection between the tree and you through your spine. The pain should over time be drawn off through your spine. Also, if the tree agrees and you are low on energy sometimes the tree will give you energy to go on with your day or your life. Remember since humans first came down from the trees we have always been symbiotic with trees. Nothing has really changed in this. So, returning to a more primal state with your relationships with trees will balance you and keep you alive a very long time.

But always remember your relationship with trees is a circle like within a family. If they help  you  then you need to be loyal to them like family, otherwise the circle is broken. So integrity between yourselves and your trees so they see you as family and as one who should be helped is necessary for good ongoing relations.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maitreya June 2010

Buddha brought Compassion and this quality changed societies around the world whether they became Buddhist or not.

Then Jesus brought Forgiveness which in the middle East with "An eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth" was completely amazing.

When the Maitreya comes I believe he will bring Oneness. You will look in his eyes and see yourself and all other beings in the universe. You will not be able to kill another being because it would be like committing suicide. This Oneness will spread around the world and it will change people as much as Buddha and Jesus have already.

When I demanded that God appear to me or that I would commit suicide at age 21 when he took me to someplace like the Orion Nebula and appeared to me as a being made of energy and consciousness, he said, "You are taking all this too seriously. There are only two sins, taking life too seriously and not taking life seriously enough." Then God said to me, "To kill  is to cut off a finger or a toe of God".

Though God said much more to me then when I returned to my body I shook for a long time ( a few hours) and I was both galvanized and traumatized in a good way. God had realigned me into seeing life the way it really was and so I was a changed man from then on. I was ashamed that I ever considered suicide and ashamed that I hadn't been sure whether God was real or not before. I never questioned again whether God existed even though I knew then from personal experience that God is not a Man but energy and consciousness. Jesus was a man and probably experienced God and was empowered by Him as a Son of God.

I think what God meant when he said, "See no man after the flesh" meant that we are all God so to see us as limited lessens God in human form and therefore is a sin. I don't claim to be an expert at only seeing the good in people. I see people intuitively as what they are manifesting. But I also see them as God's children, everyone of them. I also see all God's creatures as God's children too. So I respect all beings even if some humans are ignorant of who they really are. As Jesus said, "Ye Are Gods!"
and "Even greater things than these shall ye do!"

Little Creatures

A sea change happened in my life when I took Ahimsa Vows in 1983. Ahimsa Vows means that you vow not to kill anything. Keeping the vow especially in regard to insects is very very hard. It is relatively easy not to kill animals (at least it is for me). However, not killing spiders I found very hard at first, also mosquitos. I can't say I always succeed with mosquitos, but most of the time if a spider is large I simply lightly grab it with a paper towel or tissue and put it out the window unharmed. The advantage to this is that the spiders sometimes survive okay outside and eat bugs that could be harmful to my family. There is a spider called in California "Daddy Longlegs" because of its very long legs in relation to its body. Even though it is the most poisonous spider on earth its bite cannot penetrate human skin so we aren't harmed by it just every other spider. So, if I find one of these I let them live in my house until they are the size of a quarter to eat all the other biting and jumping spiders that might be in the house. But at quarter size (just the legs) I put them out the window too.

Recently, a Mosquito hawk( a large bug that lives on mosquitos) I tried to put out the window so it would survive longer but it wanted to stay with me. Sometimes I think that friends or students from past lives come to me in little creature forms for my blessing sometimes. Since I was taught the Tibetan Version of  the Japanese prayer "Namo Amida Butsu" which takes all beings to the "Land of Pure Joy" which is the nearest heaven realm that is the easiest one to reach from Earth I have watched it send both humans and animals that are dying or who have recently died to this heaven realm from which all heaven realms can be reached.

From "The Land of Pure Joy" once the soul is safely there, it can then go to the heaven or heavens in which it actually belongs. It is a way to safely carry souls to a safe heaven realm so they don't needlessly suffer in the transition.

When I first learned to consciously soul travel God allowed me to look into many heaven realms. I was very surprised that there actually are heavens for all religions and philosophies. So, in actuality there is no real need to fight over religions and who is right and who is wrong. Maybe something is gained by all the fighting but I chose to give up all that fighting about 1000 years ago. In that life I met Saint Francis of Assisi and I renounced fighting. The lives of the last 1000 years have been well spent since I gave up fighting. Because "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword".

Moments of Enlightenment

For me, the moment that I first understood enlightenment was when I mentally experienced myself as the universe for the first time. That Oceanic moment convinced me that I was really onto something big. So then as time went on I allowed myself also to experience not only all space but all time. What I felt was peace, oneness, everything. I found I enjoyed this experience more than feeling small or separate or many of the feelings and thoughts that many people have. So, I thought to myself, "I want to experience this more", "This is much better than being scared or competitive or trying to outwit everyone all the time. This is peaceful and what I want to experience all or most of the time." And so as much as possible I experience Being the universe which for me is being ONE WITH GOD.

I find that health, wealth and well being and good relationships come into my life when I'm busy being One With God.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More on Afghanistan's Mineral Wealth

If it is true that there is actually one trillion dollars in Mineral wealth in Afghanistan it would be good for the Afghan people to be given royalties of this mineral wealth as it is the legacy of their ancestors for thousands of years. If it could be arranged for all citizens of Afghanistan to receive and equal royalty yearly it could bring Afghanistan into the 21st Century and away from being one of the most economically poor nations in Asia.

To give you an example of where this kind of royalty of the common wealth has been successful just look at Alaska and how Alaska shares the wealth with Alaskan citizens there on a royalty basis. The royalties come from all the oil being pumped out of Alaska.

The following is a quote from the Alaska Permanent Fund from Wikipedia:

Alaska Permanent Fund

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Alaska Permanent Fund is a constitutionally established permanent fund, managed by a semi-independent corporation, established by Alaska in 1976, primarily by the efforts of then Governor Jay Hammond. Shortly after the oil from Alaska’s North Slope began flowing to market through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, the Permanent Fund was created by an amendment to the Alaska Constitution to be an investment for at least 25% of proceeds from some mineral (such as oil and gas) sales or royalties. The Fund does not include either property taxes on oil company property nor income tax from oil corporations, so the minimum 25% deposit is closer to 11% if those sources were also considered. The Alaska Permanent Fund sets aside a certain share of oil revenues to continue benefiting current and all future generations of Alaskans. Many citizens[who?] also believed that the legislature too quickly and too inefficiently spent the $900 million bonus the state got in 1969 after leasing out the oil fields. This belief spurred a desire to put some oil revenues out of direct political control.
The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation manages the assets of both the Permanent Fund and other state investments, but spending Fund income is up to the Legislature. The Corporation is to manage for maximum prudent return, and not—as some Alaskans at first wanted—as a development bank for in-state projects. The Fund grew from an initial investment of $734,000 in 1977 to approximately $28 billion as of March 2008. Some growth was due to good management, some to inflationary re-investment, and some via legislative decisions to deposit extra income during boom years. Each year, the fund's realized earnings are split between inflation-proofing, operating expenses, and the annual Permanent Fund Dividend.

11 times the Exxon Valdez spill

I heard Wolf Blitzer say on CNN TV today that the spill presently is equal to 11 Exxon Valdez Spills in Alaska. Well, if that is correct then he is saying that it is presently 11 million gallons times 11 which  would be equal to at least 121 million gallons of oil in the gulf.

I was thinking about what the capacity of a supertanker is and found the following. A supertanker is obviously much bigger than the Exxon Valdez which leaked 11 million Gallons in Alaska.

begin quote from above:
Assuming you mean the cargo and not the fuel to power the tanker...

172 million gallons of oil. (42 gallons per barrel, times 4.1m bbl per the article below)

"Supertankers" are generally defined as those greater than 250,000 tonnes deadweight (meaning the maximum weight they can carry when fully loaded). Today's supertankers, on average, can carry about 2 million barrels or 84 million gallons of crude oil and petroleum product. The largest supertanker in the world is the Norwegian-owned Knock Nevis which is 647,955 tonnes deadweight and can hold 4.1 million barrels of petroleum.
Source: http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/Saudi_Arabia/pdf.pdf  end quote.

By the way according to my research one of today's barrels holds 42 U.S. Gallons. When I grew up in the 1950s I remember it being 50 gallons but I think they created a unit that could be an even number in the metric system because many countries use the metric system now.  Using this unit of measure the Knock Nevis can carry 172.2 million gallons using the 42 gallon per barrel unit of measure.  So what has leaked into the gulf appears to be approximately 50 million gallons less than the largest supertanker yet built on earth can carry. Now it should be said that I believe Wolf Blitzer's figure to be the minimum that has vented so far in the Gulf of Mexico.

Also, I found that 42 gallons is equal to 158.98729 Liters so it IS a very close match to an even number when converting from gallons to Liters.

Also, I found out that 1 gallon is equal to .13368056 cubic feet. So 121 million gallons also equals 16.1753405  million cubic feet of spilled oil. I would have converted that to cubic miles but I didn't have the formula. I found the formula but not being a mathematician I wasn't sure how to use it:

1 cubic foot = 6.79357278 × 10-12 cubic mile

Nothing so bad that no good may come from it

Though the Gulf of Mexico disaster in some ways reminds us of 9-11 in the damage it is doing to the economy and the shock that this could happen for everyone studying it all over earth. And then to add to that all the deaths of sea creatures and birds etc. as well as all the losses of livelihood so far from the coastal regions of 4 states (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida) and eventually Texas and Mexico as the ocean currents change suddenly in Hurricanes and storms. However, in spite of this it is likely that a lot of good will also be accomplished in the long run in how everyone on earth perceives oil that comes from under the ocean. Though we may lose BP as an oil company so no one will be compensated for their losses this should have been expected by BP as well as other oil companies that made this many mistakes trying to do things just too cheaply and in such a haphazard way that caused so many to die  already. So BP's mistakes might just cost them BP itself. 

However, in the larger scheme of things it may be the best thing that happened to the rest of us. It makes us realize that undersea drilling for oil can be more hazardous than going to the moon both for companies, nations, fishermen and women, and people who depend upon tourism in coastal areas.  If we learn from our mistakes we will be better for it. If we don't learn from mistakes like these then maybe the human race won't be around  many centuries more. It's our choice, every one of us.

Possible BP Bankruptcy?

Since BP stocks have lost 90 Billion Dollars since the Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster and because of having to use so much of their cash flow to pay out for oil stoppage and general cleanup, many ratings agencies worldwide don't think BP will be able to weather this and stay in business what with these losses. What this may mean long term is that once BP goes bankrupt or is sold off in pieces there will be no BP to be liable for anything and then the U.S. Government will be left to pick up the pieces, much like with the Bhopal disaster and Union Carbide disaster in India in 1984. In that case several executives of Union Carbide went to jail but the thousands who died and were injured in that disaster mostly were never compensated even a penny. This is beginning to look like Bhopal in that respect once again.

Lightning Bolt: Wrath of God?

BP: Fire on ship shuts down system capturing oil in Gulf

You know, the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster just gets stranger and stranger by the day. First, BP stocks are relegated to junk status and now a bolt of lightning just hit the ship pumping up the oil from 5000 feet and started a fire on board so they had to stop pumping oil up for now. They hope to renew pumping later Tuesday.

Taxes that might kill the recovery

Though it is true that taxes are needed to sustain the government and not increase deficit spending, many of the new taxes likely will kill the recovery.

Here is a list of killers of the recovery:

The Alternate minimum Tax

the 3.8% tax on interest and stock and dividend income starting in 2011

And if you live in California the 70% prepaid first quarter on estimated income.

Let us progress through these to see how they each will kill the U.S. recovery.

First of all banks are investing in Treasuries (they are covering the government deficit by borrowing from the future which decreases all wealth in the future and in the present means that they aren't loaning money to individuals or businesses or investing in the stock market because that is too risky at present).

So since banks are not loaning money to any real extent anymore that means that ALL business expansion has to come from available cash of investors. And all new jobs for the recovery must come from this real cash (not borrowed) from investors in the U.S. and around the world for a U.S. recovery to be real and sustained.

The Alternate Minimum Tax. What this tax in real terms does is to take away from those caught by it from the middle  and upper classes and to tax their gross income at a higher rate and to take away any deductions that they have. The net effect of the Federal Alternate Minimum Tax is to make it extraordinarily hard on small businesses and sole  proprietors. So I would say that this is particularly harmful to the middle class in addition to the rich. Because of the recession this will drive many in the middle class away from reinvesting in the U.S and more towards bankruptcy. During these recessionary times,  they will not be able to invest in the recovery to create new businesses and jobs to pull us more permanently out of the recession.

Small businesses power the recovery, especially job recovery after a recession so this is killing the recovery!

So, in effect all these (New) taxes will only strangle the recovery. This is a real and present danger!

the 3.8% tax on interest and stock income starting in 2011.

Although this will bring new taxes into the coffers it will also tend to cause the educated middle class and rich to reinvest in areas that are more tax free to begin with like municipal Bonds which are both state and federal tax free. So when their 3.8% is due they will only have to pay that rather than be taxed several times on the same investment. However, what this then will do is to reduce the money in stocks and other business investments and kill the recovery.

Then lastly for those of you who live in California there is the 70%  total prepaid first and second quarter estimated taxes that all businesses and individuals that have made enough money in the past year. Even though you only have to pay the last 30% in January of the following year. This is a big hit for small businesses to take. What this does in real terms is to put out of business or throw into bankruptcy any businesses or individuals who can't come up with 70% of their next year expected taxes before they earn it. This further reduces the capacity of individuals and businesses to create new jobs for those without them and further increases the possibility of a seemingly never ending recession. And this will only increase California's problem that was originally caused by greedy out of state utility companies that overcharged Californians about 10 years ago. Remember Enron? Since California couldn't legally because of our state constitution effectively recover from the billions it took to keep poorer Californians from going bankrupt when the state subsidized their utility bills then.

So to repeat all these taxes reduce the investment needed for a full recovery. They all take people who are already reeling from the recession and drive them either away from investing in businesses or stocks that will help create new jobs or they send them into potential bankruptcy scenarios which only further causes suffering for everyone. Though all these taxes may have been created with good intentions, their net effect will only keep more people unemployed and increase the recession and possibly even turn it into a depression at this point.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Post Apocalyptic

I was writing about reading the book "Alas, Babylon" that was written in 1959 before I was  14 and how much I was freaked out by the book. Another movie that came out in 1959 was "On the Beach".

Most horror or disturbing movies tend to be fictional so you can disregard them in one way or another. In the 1960s there was no way to run away from potential nuclear annihilation no matter where you lived on earth. So there was literally nowhere to run.

In grade school when we were told to practice "Duck and Cover" and get under our desks for a nuclear blast there were always boys who said, "Yeah. Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye!" So we tried to make light of us kids dying as we practiced what we would be doing while we were going to be incinerated when Los Angeles County got nuked for real. It was no joke in the 1960s especially during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Though the danger is still there from a terrorist nuke it isn't the same as expecting every big city in the U.S., Europe, the middle east, Russia and maybe even China gone for good where no one could live for 20,000 years or more (if they wanted to be genetically normal).

Later when I studied about "Nuclear Winters" I realized if over 10 cities got nuked around the same time there would then be a 50 to 100 year nuclear winter during which nothing at all could grow on earth so everyone would starve to death during that time. So then I realized that there really wasn't any life except maybe cockroaches and bacteria and a few other bugs that were likely to survive after about ten or more good size nuclear bombs or missiles went off even if the earth was still here and intact all humans would be gone for good.

So, definitely in this sense things are much better now than they were from right after World War II until the Soviet Union Collapsed.

Get Him to the Greek: The Movie

This is a very funny movie(if you can stomach the subject matter) much in the same funny formula used in Superbad, 40 year old virgin, Knocked up, and the movie this one reminds me of the most is "The Hangover".

However, it does deserve the "R" rating and if you are going to take your kids to see it remember this is a very mature movie with sex in the bathroom with prostitutes and nudity and drugs and alcohol and even smuggling heroin in someone's anus through an airport checkpoint and onto a plane. So, though someone over 18 could likely see it and be able to process it all okay, someone younger, depending upon their maturity and life experience might just be confused by everything they see. So be careful who you take to this one. But once there it is very funny much like "The Hangover" and takes place in London,  New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

1 trillion dollars in Afghan mineral wealth

Afghan mineral wealth raises host of questions

Soviet geological documents from the 1980s have surfaced of extensive research done by the Soviets regarding the mineral wealth in Afghanistan. In fact, today  the  Chinese  are developing the second larges copper deposit on Earth that is  in Afghanistan. To read full news article click on "host of questions" above.

What Is Enlightenment?

It is possible that everyone's definition of enlightenment is different. But, for me, enlightenment is experimenting with either methods tried and true for thousands of years already and/or developing specific ways of obtaining enlightenment for yourself based upon your own nature. For example, one person might become enlightened surfing on a wave, and the next person might become enlightened wind surfing, and the next person might become enlightened sitting Za Zen in a double Lotus. etc. etc.

And what is enlightenment? You might have a certain definition of what it is and it is either something you want or something you don't care about at all(at least for now) or some other answer.

For me, enlightenment made more sense to me at age 17 than any other thing I could think of. I looked around me and everyone kind of looked like they were insane or going there pretty quick. I thought to myself, "These people need someone to become enlightened or the whole world is going to nuke right out of existence like it almost did when I was 14 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I can remember a rich lady my father and I doing some electrical work for. She was shaking and could barely speak she was just so very very scared. She said she was going to her cabin in the Sierras that she hope would withstand the nuclear blasts when Los Angeles was incinerated she expected quite soon.

I turned to my father and asked him "Are we all going to die in a nuclear blast?" He said what many men from the Great Depression and who had lived through World War II would say, "That's a bunch of BS" (Of course this was after she drove away to her cabin in the Sierras. No need to make the rich lady feel bad and ridiculous. So though I believed my father a side of me also felt what that lady was saying. Because I had already read "Alas, Babylon" that was published in 1959 by age 14.

begin quote from Wikipedia regarding the book "Alas, Babylon":

Alas, Babylon is a 1959 novel by American writer Pat Frank (the pen name of Harry Hart Frank). It was one of the first post-apocalyptic novels of the nuclear age and remains popular fifty years after it was first published. The novel deals with the effects of a nuclear war on the small town of Fort Repose, Florida, which is based upon the actual city of Mount Dora.[1]

end quote.

So, one of my reasons for wanting to become enlightened and the reason many of my generation decided to become enlightened also was that we saw the world headed quickly or slowly towards nuclear Armageddon and thought it was a stupid and insane idea.

After I found out about the Soviet Probe during the 1970s to the Asteroid Belt and that it found that the Asteroid Belt had been caused by a thermonuclear explosion(s) that destroyed the planet that the asteroid belt used to be I redoubled my efforts to become enlightened just like the Russian Intelligentsia   moved in the same direction towards the fall of the Soviet Union directly and indirectly in order to prevent world nuclear Holocaust once they found that likely humans had blown up another planet in the solar system 65 million years ago. They didn't want to see this again this time on earth.

So, enlightenment is a way to become the change you want to see. In observing humans you can't teach them anything. But you can be an example, a good example that others might emulate. So through clear thinking and kindness and being commonsensical and intuitive we ALL move towards enlightenment if we are kind and wise and intuitive. And this then creates a good example in case there is anyone else who wishes to move towards enlightenment to help save the human race and all life on earth from eventual extinction.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soul Traveling on the Currents of Time

When I was 17 I wanted to become enlightened because I thought it was the thing to do. I really couldn't get that excited about anything else in life except a beautiful girlfriend and girlfriends were expensive. So I studied Computer Programming in College so I would have enough money to marry someone really amazing and beautiful and intelligent and spiritual and gifted like me.

However, life has a way of going ways completely unexpected. So, I remember being 20 years old and sleeping in my sleeping bag on top of my father's workshop in the desert between two skylights about 15 feet off the ground up on the roof. I looked up into the crystal clear summer night sky and realized that when I looked forward through the next 10 years of my life I would rather be dead or do anything else than what I saw coming for me. So in desperation I decided that I was advanced enough to project my soul out of my body and just not come back. (At the time I didn't think "partly because I was only 20" about what this would do to my parents, relatives and friends"). So anyway out of desperation I projected myself out of my body intending never to come back. However, I was intercepted somewhere between earth and the stars by Angels (likely my Archangel friends from childhood and beyond). And they said to me, "This simply will not be allowed. You must go back into your body. However, we will give you a gift. You will experience your body like it is a car you drive and you will no longer feel imprisoned by it like you did before. This will lessen the impact of what you sense is coming. And by doing this we think you will choose to stay alive and do what we sent you to do here on earth."

So, as I was forced back into my body I noticed my body felt different. It was a reference point much like a car that you drive to get somewhere but that I didn't have to be just in my body I could be multiple places at once. So even though I was really upset to be back on earth and having to face a daunting 20s I knew that there was at least a good chance that I would now survive my 20s despite what I would have to face that I could see coming and feel coming in my future. I also thought that whatever was so important to stuff me back in my body by Archangels must be important enough for me to try to endure my life on earth through my 20s. And I did. Barely.

So, by 30 I had been excommunicated from my church one year later at age 21 for being too 1960s and a part of the social revolution of our times. My girlfriend broke up with me that I had intended to marry that had gone with me for 2 years and could not speak to me because she wasn't allowed to by my religion.There were about 25 girlfriends who kept me alive so I didn't commit suicide by their love, friendship and kindness towards me and about 4 years later my live in girlfriend got pregnant.

 And then my son came along and before he was born I married. Because of my son I had good reason to stay alive a long long time now to make sure he was raised right.  My first wife and I married at age 26 (she 21) and stayed together for 4 years (married 3). And at 30 I was a single Dad raising my son. But then my life changed from age 32 to 37. I married a lady my own age with 2 kids from her first marriage and the 5 of us had a really amazing 5 years home schooling our kids in the Wilderness on 2 1/2 acres at 4000 feet with a beautiful view of Mt. Shasta. This time of spiritual growth and home schooling our kids and of travels to Idaho and Canada and India and Nepal and Thailand was a dream come true and washed away all the difficulties of my 20s. And this five years was topped off with my father dying (if you haven't experienced this it was really awful) and a 4 month journey to India and Nepal and the Kalachakra Initiation with the Dalai Lama and 500,000 others in native dress from all Tibetan Buddhist countries in Bodhgaya. Then going to Dharmsala, India (where the Dalai lama lives in the Himalayas)  with a Tibetan Lama friend we met in Santa Cruz, California by train from Patna, through Benares, Agra(the Taj Mahal)   and even more amazing experiences. And then being sent to Rewalsar (Tsopema) a Padmasambhava holy place near Mendi in Himchal Pradesh State of India. This was 1985 and 1986. This amazing time of studying with Tibetan Lamas and Native American Medicine men which I  found in attitude to be very similar in some ways was the most amazing time of my life. I had my health. I had a good family. The kids were young enough to travel and we intuitively lived our lives until the oldest was 12 and then we bought a business on the Northern California Coast because the California Coast is very expensive to live on and because the kids wanted to be in a regular school again through junior High and High School and into college.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that even if you look at your life and wish you could just leave it you might just need to stay to do what you came here for. And maybe the best is yet to come!

Note: When my father passed away I was completely unprepared for it affecting my life so completely. I realized I wasn't mature enough to keep my marriage together with my father gone and I was really horrified at this. I had thought (wrongly so) that my father's passing would only make my wife and I closer. Instead the opposite thing occurred. I think now that middle aged crazy(the fear of nearing death) triggered by my Dad's death (I'm next!) took me to a very difficult place. And it wasn't until I almost died of a heart virus at age 50 that I learned to be grateful for every day of life as if it were your last. Because it just might be!

Without this experience I would have never started writing online. Because in the "Heart Room" where 30 to 50  people on gurneys (stretchers with wheels) waiting for angiograms (like me) or electrical heart stimulation (like me) or open heart surgery (not me) waiting and we all wondered if that day was our last. After that every day was a good day if I was alive and with my wife and family. Five or Six months after this doctors told me one day that I wasn't going to die. Whoopee!

Unfortunately, my wife's mother had passed away a month before and her stepmother had passed away the month before that and her mother passing away and me almost dying had cost my wife a miscarriage. So I came out of almost dying into another problem. My wife no longer wanted to live for herself at all. However, since she was a trooper she stayed alive for her 3 year old daughter and me even though she was pretty angry at life (and at times I was the scapegoat) for a couple of years.

But all in all my forced retirement at age 50 has created the most pleasant 12 years in my life since I was 18 years old. It's true I don't have the health that I had in my 30s but life has been so much more amazing than I ever could have believed at this age until I actually experienced it. Life can be completely unexpected in a really good way. Be open to it!

The Currents of Time

Most people think the past is cast in cement and only the present and the future can be molded into something. They believe that once a moment is past it is cast in cement. This isn't really the case at all. I suppose if you choose to believe this then you are forcing it to be true for you. But as a lifelong intuitive I can tell you that past, present and future are all changing and they never stop changing. And this is inherently true no matter what you believe.

My experience of the infinite numbers and variations of timelines both personal and group and world and galaxy is that all, for me, are like looking at the ocean or at a river depending upon whether I'm looking at the universe or just a segment of time. So, for example, looking at a single person's timeline is  metaphorically like looking at a creek or small stream, relatively speaking. Looking at a family is like looking at a bigger river, and looking at a large town or city or nation is like looking at something like the Nile, the Mississippi River or the Ganges or even the Amazon River. However, eventually they all flow into the Ocean which is like the Galaxy and the Galaxy of Galaxies forever and ever past, present and future.

So, one of the reason people get stuck in life is that they believe everything that has happened binds them. However, this mostly is an illusion. In the interests of culture and family and a sense of continuity I suppose this can be useful. But in the end it is still an illusion. This is what Tibetan Lamas and monks are demonstrating when they spend weeks or months on an elaborate sand painting only to destroy it when they are finished. It is a meditation on how life really is. Hanging onto the past at a certain point causes only grief and confusion.

Just wait until you are my present age, 62,  most of the people that are over 10 years older than me that I have known are either dead or incapacitated in some way, shape or form. It is an obvious reference to the fact that all life is impermanent. In other words "If you live long enough you will likely live to see almost everyone older than you die, relative, friend, actquaintance, movie star, or other important personage.

So, if people really want to live into their hundreds they first have to learn to cope with almost everyone they have ever known dying. After that bridge has been crossed somehow some way we can all begin to live first to 150 and then 200 and then beyond.

You might say all this is impossible. Well. You're wrong. Look at the microchip and just how far it has evolved in 30 years or so. Now the solar cell is doing the same. All there needs to be is one or two breakthroughs. How much do you think people will pay for a quality life past 100? Almost anything! People will rush to provide such a service once a just a couple of new breakthroughs arrive.

And is this a part of enlightenment? The answer is: "It Could Be".

 Note: I had more paragraphs describing my experiences as an intuitive and coming to understand all this better over the years. However, I also have to think about people reading this from all different backgrounds. And my intention is not to scare anyone who might believe that what they see on TV is the only reality there is. People who have been exposed to the true potential of what people can be down through history have an inkling of what I'm talking about. If what I write  disturbs your views of reality then just disbelieve what I have written here and that might be a safe course of action for you. However, I can't do that because this is my experience. Just like if you experienced something that forever changed the way you saw everything in life you just might have to change your belief system too. Or I suppose you could just go back to sleep and deny it all. Your choice.

So out of consideration for everyone's sensibilities I will kindly state that unless you can entertain other hypotheses or theories or experiences than your own please don't read the following:

 First of all I have been studying how to develop intuitive senses since I was about 2 years old and found out that I knew how to experience people's thoughts. It took my until I was 15 to understand why people "NEVER" said exactly what they thought. Finally, by 15 I began to understand that in a sense "No ONE" is completely honest in that at the very least they modify what they are actually thinking in order to be polite so there are not arguments or fights. There is almost nothing that people ever say that is exactly what they wish they could say. As one gets older they learn how to manipulate what they say for maximum positive effect in their lives. This is not to say that anyone is dishonest necessarily, it just means people like their teeth in their head and no knocked out and fingers and toes unbroken. So people say what they need to throughout their lives to keep their bodies intact. Or bad things happen to people. This was my experience growing up.

Though the world is much less violent in middle class and upper class than when I grew up, there is also a lot less of genuiness among people than when I grew up. So with an enhanced politeness there is less blatant honesty and things get more and more contrived. So as politeness increases honesty decreases to the point where most of the time most conversations become meaningless in a sense.

To me, this is a great sadness caused by increased hostility between world cultures, especially major religions.

Also, communications between men and women have become less meaningful because of a level of politeness between men and women that sort of makes relationships even more ridiculous than when I grew up. I think men and women are pretty darn confused in these times in a variety of ways. However, the confusion was of a different nature than when I grew up.

So as I began to discover for myself through direct experience what was real and what wasn't I found that especially in relationships with women that I needed to watch what they did because one could never believe anything they said, especially when I grew up. So, the strategy was always to watch what a women did and disbelieve everything they said. This strategy has never failed me. However, even though you don't believe what they say you act as if you did and you are always respectful about it. In this way you always position yourself for a win win situation no matter what happens. It is always a way to have a chance of winning especially if you hang around they one you want to be with although even then you have to be very polite.

So, as an intuitive I studied things as I was intuitively led to them. I suppose one could say that to some degree it is through the process of elimination that one progresses as an intuitive or as anything one wishes to be in life. However, the other side of this in regard to anything worthwhile is "Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained". So, unless one is willing to take some risks for what one is seeking one has zero chance of attaining the goal. For example, if all you do is dream about going to college and don't take the actual risk of going "How will you ever know if you can succeed and become what you want to be?".

So, I guess a person has to want to become enlightened more than they want air to breathe to really become sucessful at it. And the best motivation for this is the possibility that you can help prevent the extinction of mankind and/or help lift mankind into a much higher much more useful state of consciousness that just might be beneficial to most or even all beings.

So, the last paragraph became my motivation. My own sufferings in life drove me forward. My almost dying of Whooping cough and Childhood epilepsy made me help my friends and sometimes even quit a job to help a friend struggling with suicidal thoughts until they were out of danger. Crazy Wisdom in action. Risking one's life to help another. However, if you have no hope at all of saving someone then you have to have enough sense to step back and to save yourself or else you are just another lemming going over the cliff and then you aren't useful to anyone including yourself.

So, by sharing with you how I experience time and space after intuitively studying everything that intuitively and logically made sense for the last 62 years of my life I'm trying to give you a leg up in understanding the universe so you can save yourself and others. You also have to define what "Save" means to you. However, unless it is useful to you and you feel something burning in your heart to go in this direction then I don't think it is useful for you.

So, my purpose in sharing the metaphore of time and space as I experience it now is to give you a type of roadmap to help yourself and mankind to a better place.

Here I must also point out that I believe the concept of Armageddon (the death of everything on earth and the earth itself) to be a self fulfilling group suicide prophesy and a psychological aberration caused by centuries of child abuse culturally institutionalized.

As an intuitive I can see thousands of years of humankind (maybe hundreds of thousands of years on Earth) and millions of years beyond that on multiple planets of human evolutions. So as I look forward in time I see no reason at all for it to end suddenly except those who want to group suicide and they might do that. The danger for the rest of us is that they don't nuke us too. So maybe 144,000 might all die together in a nuke in Jerusalem or someplace like that but I don't think the rest of the world is really interested in doing that.

After all, if the Soviet Scientists of the 1970s were right we (our ancestors) already did that with the planet that became the asteroid belt.