‘UFO’ Captured In Photo Of Earth Taken From The ISS

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Is the truth out there?
Conspiracy theorists believe that it just might be, after an astronaut on the ISS tweeted this picture - with what appears to be a UFO hanging ominously in the top right hand corner.
The picture was shared by astronaut Scott Kelly - who has spent almost a year in orbit, and now alien conspiracists believe that the photo is an attempt by Kelly ‘to tell the world about the existence of aliens.’
In a YouTube video, conspiracy theorist Sonofmabarker says: ‘You can clearly see a large object with two lights on each end.“
‘It also appears to be very large and constructed.
‘I would find it hard to believe that Scott Kelly did not notice this when he tweeted this out.
‘It really sticks out like a sore thumb.
‘Scott Kelly thank you for sending this photo down to Earth.
‘Hardly a week goes by without someone from the ISS sending us a photo or video that really is quite strange and it is left for us to decide.’
NASA also refuses to provide individual explanations of UFO ‘sightings’ - which only acts to heighten suspicions of the believers of little green men. 
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