Thursday, February 23, 2017

IF you go far enough right you wind up left somewhere between Fascism and Communism

People say left or right, but there are varying degrees of this and to be realistic it is more of a circle than just left or right.

Traditional left of center (the U.S. never is very far left) it isn't how we roll here is advocating Human rights. So, this would be just barely left of center.

Then you move right of center in which the rights of the common people are not championed rather the rights of the few, and the rich business people and stockholders are championed.

But, if you go further right to Breitbart and Bannon you wind up with no human rights at all, with a Leninist Dictatorship.

So, you tell me is alt right Fascism or Leninism? Fascism would be like Hitler and Mussolini and Leninism would be like the Soviet Union with no human rights including the right to even be alive if the government wants you dead.

So, here is the danger because we don't really have an effective word for where Bannon and Breitbart are because it falls somewhere between Hitler and Mussolini and Soviet Russia in a Dictatorship with no human rights at all.

Also, if you note that all or most Dakota Pipeline demonstrators have been arrested now for protesting this means they no longer have the right to protest the Dakota Pipeline anymore. So, to me, this indicates either Trump being a Fascist (like many billionaires are in regard to their businesses) or it means Leninism(in other words Bannon is an avowed Leninist).

So, the American people really have no idea what to make of all this because Fascism (outside of the Ku Klux Klan or White Supremacists people really have no idea about much of stuff like this here in the U.S.

White Supremacists like the KU Klux Klan and other White Supremacists only believe in human rights for white people.

The reason this is fascism is because no one with Black or brown skin has ANY rights at all to a White Supremacist. And White Supremacists want everyone not white to return to the country of their origin and to leave the U.S.

Where are Native Americans supposed to go I wonder?

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