Sunday, February 26, 2017

Life or Death! Obamacare

I think Boehnor is right. I was listening to him speak online the other day. He said that Republicans will NEVER agree on Healthcare.

This is their doom as a Republican party! I can see it coming now quite clearly. This will bring down not only the Republican party completely but also bring down Trump as well. It is their and his Waterloo. It is the end for them.

Boehnor can see it which is why he is talking about this publicly. It is the Achilles Heel of the Republican party. It is the end for them.

The Death of Obamacare because Repblicans cannot agree on Obamacare is the death of the Republican party likely for the next 50 years time. They are fucking up healthcare and they will never live it down as a party. Trump is finished!

So, at present this is likely going to happen. As we watch thousands of Americans die with a destroyed Obamacare, both Republican and Democratic voters turn completely against Trump and the Republican party.

It is very sad so many have to die to bring down Trump, but at present this is in the cards. Republicans are so emotionally out of touch with reality.

Give them enough rope and they are now hanging themselves by not knowing how to deal with Obamacare.

It's Suicide for the Republican party right now!

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