Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bannon of Trump: "He's maniacally focused on that."

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Trump is going to do exactly what he said during the campaign

"This is the main thing that the mainstream media -- or the opposition party -- never caught, is that if you want to see the Trump agenda it's very simple. It was all in the speeches. He went around to those rallies and the speeches had an enormous amount of content in them ... He's laid out an agenda with those speeches with the promises he made and our job every day is to just to execute on that ... he's maniacally focused on that."
"All of those promises are going to be implemented," he said.


There are three pillars of Trump's plan

"I kind of break it up into three verticals of three buckets," Bannon said. "The first is kind of national security and sovereignty and that's your intelligence, the Defense Department, Homeland Security.
"The second line of work is what I refer to as 'economic nationalism' and that is Wilbur Ross at Commerce, Steven Mnuchin at Treasury, (Robert) Lighthizer at Trade, (National Trade Council head) Peter Navarro, (adviser) Stephen Miller, these people that are rethinking how we're gonna reconstruct our trade arrangements around the world.
"The third, broadly, line of work is what is 'deconstruction' of the administrative state."

'Economic nationalism' is Bannon's favorite buzz term


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