Tuesday, April 11, 2017

90 day FISA warrant renewed more than once against Carter Page since July 2016j by the FBI

So, the FBI found enough to renew this FISA Warrant more than once which makes one wonder what did they have on Carter Page to renew this FISA warrant against Carter Page more than once?

I'm watching a program on CNN (Don Lemon's) and he is going in depth on this issue right now. Carter page was in association with known Russian Foreign Secret Agents known by the FBI and CIA during this time. So, this was one reason he was and possibly still is under investigation by the FBI.

Also, Carter Page is a PHD Foreign policy advisor to Trump's campaign as of March 2016. Trump called him one of his foreign policy advisors in at least one of his interviews with the press at that time.

This is getting closer and closer to Trump's inner circle within the White House. So, this could literally go anywhere regarding this investigation by the FBI now.

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