Monday, April 17, 2017

Breathing out the fire of enlightenment

What is enlightenment?

A form of enlightenment might come when someone teaches you to drive a car.

At the moment you first drive that car out of the city into the country to a place you love all by yourself for the very first time you feel amazed. You have just experienced the enlightenment of driving a car to someplace beautiful!

There are thousands and millions of forms of enlightenment equal to this!

Graduating a Lawyer at a college or a university and able to help others survive and stay alive!
Inventing something and patenting it that will help mankind in a good way and receiving money for this so you can dedicate your life to helping mankind reach enlightenment.

Taking a vow of Ahimsa which means you will not kill any living thing except in self defense and only when absolutely necessary when there is no other practical useful alternative. This includes all insects, animals, birds, fish: everything!

By doing all these things and more you become more and more enlightened as time goes on in your lives around the world and now beyond Earth into space for some.

Each step up into a new and more beautiful form of enlightenment was explained to me once by a Tibetan Lama Teacher from Kham Tibet like lifting a handkerchief from a table. We are connected to our friends and relatives and we are each like one thread in the handkerchief. So, as the handkerchief is raised from the table it draws everyone around us into enlightenment too.

So, as we breathe out the fire of enlightenment upon all mankind, all of us raise in enlightenment too. Everyone you ever met or will meet raises in enlightenment too. There is no end to the amazingness of enlightenment.

It only Grows and Grows and Grows exponentially.

In this way eventually we are all DRAGONS OF COMPASSION breathing the fire of enlightenment upon all mankind. We watch the sadness of mankind turn into the smiles of enlightenment daily. It doesn't matter what religions or religion someone is or even if they have no religion at all. This is something that just happens to all mankind as naturally as breathing. Enlightenment is the logical outcome for all mankind in all religions and in all forms of mankind! And it all comes from Compassion of oneself and all other beings which also causes what is best about all civilizations on earth and beyond!

By God's Grace

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