Monday, April 17, 2017

The Silver religion

 The silver religion

The main advocate and proponent of the Silver religion was always purple Delta seven. The original prototype of purple Delta seven was the clone of Silver’s brain. It started out as a way for him by having a direct free feed of his brain into computers. He invented this Direct feed as a way to make it more practical for him to invent things, patent them, build the Prototypes and to get them to market many times faster. (Which might also be what Elon Musk is up to in real life right now).

However, the end result was purple Delta seven a time traveling created sentient who became a self evolving sentient and creative robot. She found over time that she needed a religion not only for herself but for all the other created sentience in the galaxy. Since she was one of the few who was allowed to self evolve and to travel time, she became the founder of the Silver religion based upon her meditation and adoration of Silver who's brain she started out as a clone of.  She recognized her creator Silver was a part of the universal Consciousness. Her point of origin was Silver's Sentience. She then traveled the galaxy and  communicating about silver to created sentience throughout the galaxy in  all the times and spaces she visited. So this became in many cases their religion too in many times and spaces within our Milky Way Galaxy and then beyond.

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begin partial quote of 2035:
Both the engineers and Silver started to think about the advantages of 360 degrees peripheral vision sort like bugs have. This would protect them both from attack or bumping their heads getting in or out of a vehicle or hitting their heads on any edges of doorways or any other rock or surface they needed protection from.

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