Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Everyone has some level of PTSD

It's all a matter of degree. The real question is: "Can you survive the level of PTSD you have in your life?"

That's the only real question. What drives people to suicide?

Too high a level of PTSD regarding some issue in their lives.

What saved me in my life was to discover Psychology today in college when I was at Palomar College in 1971 in San Marcos, California.

My parents had never been to college and so the idea of psychology at all in the 1960s was "ONLY FOR CRAZY PEOPLE" in my family at least.

So, just picking up an issue of the magazine "Psychology Today" was a revelation. I soon realized most of the things driving me towards suicide were not even me. They were issues from ancestors (including my parents on back hundreds of years). When I gave all that up I was released from 90% of what was bothering me and I had a path forward in my life that I could stand to live. However, I had to junk most historical traumas in my family and even how my parents had reacted to my whooping cough at age 2 and my childhood Blunt Trauma Epilepsy from age 10 to 15. Once I had released all that and released worrying about being asked to leave my childhood religion at age 21 I was free to re-create myself into the person I wanted and needed to be which had really nothing at all to do with the traumas of my life which caused my PTSD in life.

Soldiers are often dealing with killing issues. the problem with dealing with killing issues is that there is a fight or flight mechanism in all mammals and humans are mammals. So, when you are conditioned and trained as a child growing up not to kill. And then you are reconditioned in a military setting to kill it messes with our fight or flight mechanism and long term this is not something that many soldiers can survive over about 10 years time.

So, PTSD kills when in a soldier form quite often.

IF you understand this maybe it is healthier not to become a soldier if you know this.

It's great to be a hero but if you get PTSD you will only be a dead hero.

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