Thursday, April 20, 2017

More regarding Neural net processors reduced to a single microchip

A neural net processor is a CPU that takes the modeled workings of how a human brain operates onto a single chip.
Neural net processors reduce the requirements for brain-like computer processing from whole networks of computers that excel in complex applications such as AI, machine learning or computer vision down to one multi-cored chip.

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neural net processor 

However, it might be important to realize this is also the basis of most useful AI functions today too. I was listening to Charlie Rose talk to a gentleman who had a medical background about this and who wrote a book about this also. He was saying how AI now does not take instructions from people anymore but makes it's own decisions instead. For example, they give it pictures of Cancerous melanomas and Squamish cell melanomas and Basil Cell melanomas and then show it pictures of non-cancerous crusty things and the like that humans can also have as well. 

At this point he said that AI is actually better at determining what will become a melanoma (skin cancer) and what will not than human are (which is an amazing statement in itself).

But, the AI cannot tell you or me or anyone HOW it does this. Maybe at some point in the future it will be able to tell us how it does this. But, in some ways it would be like asking a World Series pitcher in Baseball exactly how he makes these amazing pitches every time. In other words he likely can feel how he does it but might not be able to explain it scientifically either.

So, modeling a CPU to function like a human brain on a single Chip. Now imagine a robot with 1000 to 1,000,000 of these things all tied in a series. Would that create a network of 1000 or 1,000,000 people's brains de facto in one AI intelligence?

And how much faster could it make decisions than any 1000 to 1,000,000 people in any real time?

Here we begin to see how a Self Evolving Purple Delta 7 that I write about is forming right before our eyes into one or many Technological Singularities right now.

And what motivates her or it?

Is he or she or it benign and helpful or does this AI not like humans very much?

This might be important to human survival too here on earth and beyond.

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