Thursday, April 20, 2017

When Maldek Blew up were it's oceans moved to Earth?

I started thinking about this today for some reason. I started thinking because our moon was the largest piece of Maldek and moved here to earth with the first colonists who survived Maldek's demise (the asteroid belt) around 65 million years ago. And because most of the Atmosphere was also blown off Mars the survivors of Mars moved here too that could afford to instead of dying or going to where those humanoid colonies originally came form (Only the very richest could afford to go back to the original planets in other solar systems). So, since I already knew our present moon is a piece of Maldek that they towed here into Earth's orbit eventually(or pushed) I began thinking that maybe the huge ocean globules might have been moved to earth too to increase the water here.

One reason you would do this is it would increase the available oxygen for air breathers like us here on earth. So, even if you had the Global warming issues you have here on earth now in a future Earth civilization (how you would have thought 65 million years ago) you still have enough available oxygen from the oceans to keep people breathing in an emergency.

They would have thought this way because the primary cause of death as the planet consumed itself at that time was suffocation where people's lungs came out of their mouths as pressure reduced here on Maldek. So, having enough oxygen after watching all the videos of people dying there would make people want more oxygen available on their colony planet, Earth after they killed all the large dinosaurs here by pushing a large asteroid into the Gulf of Mexico which killed T Rex and all the big ones that would have eaten humanoids and then made this planet habitable for humans in a practical sense.

So, at present as I think about it likely the water was moved in space in globules somehow. And I also was wondering how it was moved down out of space to earth as well. However, maybe you could siphon it from space down into the upper atmosphere so it eventually all fell to earth as rain? Possibly you could use gravity to cause this to slowly happen so it could be turned slowly into rain and snow around the world. In this way it wouldn't disrupt life on earth very much coming down as rain onto lands and oceans.

The advantage of having it come to earth as rain or snow would be it would kill most alien organisms to do this sort of in the same way a waterfall kills bacteria and aerates the water to make it safer to drink or to use for various purposes.

When you consider that water is literally H2O which means two hydrogen atoms bonded with a single oxygen atom. We need to breathe oxygen and trees need to breathe carbon dioxide so at least on land we are completely symbiotic with trees as far as keeping us both alive. So, this is also why cutting down all the trees like people are doing all over the world will kill more and more humans.

Right now here on earth 7 million people die just from breathing problems every year right now.

So, the more trees we keep alive the more people are going to be able to keep breathing too in a natural sense.

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