Monday, April 10, 2017

North Korea is even more of a threat to China than to the U.S., Japan or Australia

I think the biggest threat of North Korea is actually to China and South Korea both because North Korea is not completely out of control. China wanted to install Kim Jong Un's brother as leader in North Korea when Kim Jong Un assassinated his brother. So, they were grooming the brother for a possible government takeover in North Korea.

However, that possibility is now gone with his assassination by a nerve agent in an airport on a wash rag put on his face for a few seconds.

So, China is even more upset than South Korea or the U.S. about North Korea's behavior because China sees no good outcome in all this for a variety of reasons.

China has tolerated somewhat North Korea's insane government and leaders since the 1950s mostly because they didn't want a democracy bordering their country and influencing their people with democratic ideas.

Even with Hong Kong as a part of China, China is having trouble repressing democracy in Hong Kong. Imagine for China having a country that is a democracy on it's borders (without the Himalayan mountains as a buffer that is democratic? So, for China there is no good outcome in all of this. So, this is there problem. Even if the U.S. bombed all north korean nukes out of existence, China would still have to move into North Korea and establish a government among people who have been so completely brainwashed against China and the U.S. and against South Korea. So, you would have a whole country of walking wounded, mentally ill people and starving people to deal with for China, then you have all their relatives in South Korea that are going to want to reunite with their relatives in North Korea that are all brainwashed and confused.

So, for China no practical outcome is a good one for China's needs. What are they going to say to their Chinese people about all this. How many North Korean confused people are going to migrate into China or into South Korea.

Like I said there is no useful or helpful solution for China other than everyone in North Korea suddenly disappearing off the face of the earth one day.

And THAT is not a practical solution for all the other countries on earth especially South Koreans who are often directly related by blood to some of the people in North Korea.

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