Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Publishing online

I'm not talking about making money here and that direction in case you are wondering.

What I'm writing about here is how given robot HTML generators what is possible to do.

Instead of taking an hour or two to publish a single article like in the old days and then often having to de-bug your blog code because automatic htmil generators either hadn't been invented or were not yet functional at places like blogger.com where this is published from today I can simply quote anything or I can write my own copy and then it is generated automatically into HTML or another variable programming language and I can hit my "PUBLISH" button and there you go.

However, for some operating systems like "HTMLS" this can be a problem. So, if you are online in HTMLS then it might be important to know that automatic HTML generators at websites around the world can sometimes give HTMLS fits. So, it is possible that what I'm generating automatically here with the automatic HTML Generators won't work well with HTMLS. However, I still publish here because most people worldwide (OVER 90% to 95%) are not running HTMLS. So, it might be important for you to know this worldwide. Thanks.

IF you want a blog where you do not have to generate HTML Code yourself you can get a blog site at Blogger.com run by Google. IT is also sometimes called Blogspot.

When you begin to generate code (HTML) types of code there are two ways to do it here. When you see your generating page look up to the left and you will see "Compose" and next to it "HTML". So, you can choose either to generate automatically in "COMPOSE" or you can do it yourself in "HTML".

I use "COMPOSE" exclusively now because I can spend 10% of the time or less now generating code that goes worldwide if I just use "COMPOSE".

This allows me to make a difference in the world through my website without working here 24 hours a day without sleeping.

How much of a day do I spend composing and compiling here. I would say an average day is 1 hour to 4 hours a day. However, I'm mostly retired and it gives me not only a discipline wherever I am on earth it also gives me something to do when it is raining outside or I'm not out walking my dogs on the beach or hiking in the forests or traveling the world. So, it keeps my mind focused in a helpful place because I have a lot of wisdom and experience to share to help keep the human race alive and not going extinct. So, this is what I do sometimes in my spare time while being retired.

I find it very satisfying knowing that 100,000 people visit my site some months now. I'm pretty amazed at this by the way. 1,500,000 and way more visits so far!

Have a Great Day!

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