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Spheres of knowledge wisdom and influence

 Spheres of knowledge wisdom and influence

I wanted to share my conception, my present conception of all the interlocking interwoven Spheres of knowledge wisdom and influence in the universe.

Let's start with the baby that is just born. The baby at first doesn't know that it's a human baby it only knows that it needs milk to survive. So it will do literally anything make any face do whatever the mother needs it to do to stay alive to get milk to get it's diaper changed, to live.

Then the baby starts to look around and see that there is more to life than milk. There is an interesting toy. There is a pretty kitty or doggy. There are birds outside flying in the sky or on a fence or in a tree.

Then the child begins to talk in whatever language the child hears spoken around him or her. The child learns the culture and what is right to say or do in any given situation.

Then the child in a developed nation goes off to public or private school or has tutors or it goes on independent study.

If we look back and all the things I've listed so far you can put it into babyhood, toddler hood, the child walks, the child who explores, and the child goes to school.

Though each of these things are independent of the other we could also just call this childhood.

However this is also a similar way in how a child can grow spiritually speaking into a spiritual adult.

For example, in my own life I was very influenced by having had childhood epilepsy, and before that whooping cough and having to leave my childhood religion.

This Group of experiences shape too I am today. Now on a psychological level I could go into this on a woundology level or I could go in a philosophical direction or I can go in a scientific direction. But I would rather go in the way that I perceive it all now which is a synthesis of all these ways at once because I find that more useful.

In some ways my experiences are unique but in other ways they are also part of the universal experience all mankind has In suffering and growing up and living and growing old and hopefully wise along the way.

So it's true that at this point I do consider myself to be an older wiser person. And because of this I wish to spare others the suffering that I went through. However what this usually means is  the people who would listen to me Will suffer in DIFFERENT ways than I did if they listen to what I'm saying here. But at least maybe they won't make the same mistakes that I did along the way.

And they might have different realizations along the way than I have had because of my unique experiences. But at the very least maybe I can prevent some of the bad experiences  I've had in their lives.

As I grew as a person I realized that there are many different spheres of knowledge. I also realized that there are spheres of knowledge like being a lawyer, being a doctor, being a carpenter being a minister etc. My parents trained me to be a minister as I was growing up. In our church most people who are ministers are not formal ministers but only in informal ministers because they aren't usually paid for this unless they are in charge of the church they are in charge of and even then being paid for this is optional.

So my training began in Sunday school when I was six years old and continued until I was 21. This training made me think more as a minister in my life and so God was much more important to me then he is to most people today on earth.

When I look back now I see how important all this was to me in giving me a way to communicate in a polite way to rich and poor people and everyone in between. Many people do not learn how to communicate effectively with all classes of people. But, because my parents church when I was a boy had about 1000 people coming regularly to it I had to learn how to deal with rich and poor and middle class people a lot without offending anyone between the ages of 6 and 12 years of age.

I found this quite helpful throughout my life as I tended to be a much more effective and yet polite communicator than other people I met because of all this experience.

Part of this had to do with all the gifts I received from church goers in our church like an upright piano, a violin, and cookies at Christmas from ladies from Europe in our church who made amazing historical cookies at Christmastime made like they made them in europe then. So, my world grew and grew by meeting people who visited our church from literally all over the world.

This made me want to travel to Germany and Switzerland and anywhere else I could go to experience amazing things because I met people from Germany and Switzerland and England and Scotland and New Zealand and Australia and France a lot in my church.

So, by actually meeting so many people from other countries and shaking their hands and listening to their accents from other countries really expanded my horizons as a child and young man.

Note: I'm not entirely satisfied with the cohesive nature of this article. However, I'm sharing it with you because I made some very interesting points in a variety of directions that might be helpful to you. In the end that is part of my criteria of what I will publish and what I won't. If I think what I have written or compiled will be helpful to you I publish it but if I have any feeling that what I have written cannot be understood properly by enough people I then often will either delete it or store it for future reference and understanding by me. And sometimes much later I see how to rework something so it will be useful to both me and you also.

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