Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Staying Centered

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This is a good song now to listen to to center with all the craziness in the world. I have written before that you almost have to go into a cave in the mountains to go into retreat to get away form the insanity of the world lately. This is also why many famous or Unknown Yogis did this for thousands of years into the past to get enlightened so hopefully they could share there enlightenment at some point with the world when all the wars and craziness settled down in their time periods. 
So, tonight I find myself calming down listening to this on my earphones on my laptop as my wife goes to sleep.
I woke up at 6:30 this morning worried about my son, his wife and my grandson in South Korea. I texted him for awhile even though it was 2 AM where he was over there. I said I was worried about what is happening and he told me nothing is going to happen. However, the world view over there is very very different than the world view here. There is no comparison at all. He is bothered more by the really bad air blowing across the Bay from Beijing more than anything else. They have strong air filters in there home there to keep the air okay in their home there. So, going outside can be a problem if the air blowing over from Beijing that day is bad. But, they have a great view of the ocean from where they live too.
So, that is how I started out my day by keeping my son awake until 2:30 in the morning where he lives. Later today, my ex-wife(the mother of my son) also texted me concerned about them over there too which only concerned me more because she is intuitive and often knows things before they happen like I do as well. So, she wanted to help trying to get them to come back to the mainland here in the U.S. especially during these difficult times. 

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