Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Children

In time travel wars between future and past civilizations or between two or more civilizations on a planet often result in only the children surviving. This would explain for example our own stone age without interstellar travel and anything beyond fire and the wheel remaining also. Because you need people over 15 years of age usually to maintain all technology beyond a certain point.

Why are only children left?

Because when an all out time war takes place it is thought that the children are innocent on both sides and if the war takes place on two planets or the past and future civilizations or even civilizations separated by large stretches of water like here on earth that the children are innocent and relatively ignorant of any wrongdoing and so are left alive to fend for themselves without any technology at all eventually. So, even though maybe 90% to 95% of them will die out eventually, the 5% of those who are natural survivors and hunter gatherers do survive.

In this way, the people don't completely die out on either side but only the civilizations of both parties or multiple parties do. So, often religions and cultures and technology including time travel and interstellar travel are lost but the children remain to repopulate the world (at least the ones who are survivors.

You might say doesn't this result in a "Lord of the Flies" situation? And I would say "Yes" it does. However, there are usually some who will survive this even though it isn't pretty either. And those who survive often run away alone into the wilderness away from all the others because often gangs all kill each other blaming in ignorance each other for the Time War that killed all the adults.

So, this is one way that technological civilizations are ended by other technological civilizations that can do this. And this likely has happened more than once here on earth during the last 65 million years since our ancestors blew up Maldek (The present Asteroid Belt) here in the Solar System with nuclear weapons and a piece of Maldek conveniently came to earth, killed all the large dinosaurs so it might be possible for survivors of Maldek and Mars to colonize Earth without being all eaten up by large dinosaurs like T-Rex and others.

So, if you were wondering why humans aren't more developed after being here for 65 million years this is one of the scenarios that actually has happened here more than once.

Our human history (formally) only goes back around 10,000 to 15,000 years. Before this it is a mystery to us. So, only through time travel do we see what really happened.

But just as in the "Butterfly effect" going back in time also will change everything and create an entirely different future. So, even to go back to "See" without interacting might be dangerous in ways we don't expect now. But, if you can soul travel often you can "See" what happened not only before but also what is likely to happen in the future as well.

Tuesday April 11th and Wednesday April 12th Time was significantly altered here on earth likely because of North Korean nuclear activities. This is one reason I wrote this so you might know these dates are important in the overall scheme of things.

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