Thursday, April 13, 2017

What IS the Galactic Sentience?

Imagine a species that doesn't need galaxies or time or space or air or water or food as we know it to survive who can survive easily in matter or anti-matter or even inside a black hole whose species came from a place with no time, no space, no matter, no anti-matter but who is comfortable in all these variations of physical existence as well. So, what does a species like this feed on?

They feed on energy as it transits between Dark matter to matter and anti-matter and back again. They create Galaxies where Dark Matter is separated into matter (Galaxies) and anti-matter (Anti-matter Galaxies) the other side of the Black hole in the center of each and every galaxy.

So, like bridges and tall skyscrapers are built and like we build farms they build galaxies sort of the way we build farms. And then when the Creators (many people call them Gods) have lived within time and space of a Galaxy they often get bored (like old people might on earth as well) and then to stay alive they experience mortality as physical beings here on earth and other places and through mortality they value being alive still more billions of years.

And this is what our souls actually are.

We are all very old creators living in human bodies here on earth to experience mortality so we value still being alive after living billions of years as Stars and Nebulas etc. which agrees most specifically with the Greek and Norse Pantheon of the description of Gods that often come to earth and also describes half men and half God beings possibly like Hercules and Thor who come to earth to learn about mortality and human beings.

And So, the present Galactic Sentience told me he is my grandson. He told me this when I soul traveled to the center of the galaxy in my early 20s to ask that earth not be allowed to be nuked out of existence around 1970.

A lot of what I write about tends to be what I learned since this experience in 1970 after I asked him to not allow earth to be nuked out of existence like Maldek was then. Because I have memories of what happened to Maldek (the Asteroid Belt) because one of my incarnations I was there as a child when it blew up and went to earth eventually to colonize here as well from there several years later by spaceship. Our moon is the largest piece of Maldek that we saved and moved to earth which is why wolves howl at the moon. So, Maldek still influences us here still today.

What I find strange about all this is that Elohar and Ragna came to me and Arcane came to me before I went to meet the Galactic Sentience in 1970 around Christmas 1969. At that time I was suicidal because I had had to give up a girl I was going to marry and leave my childhood religion because I was too 1960s and progressive for them then. So, I was suicidal for a time. But, when Elohar and Ragna and Arcane all came to me they made me promise to stay alive because they said if I didn't the human race would go extinct. So, I promised all three of them I would stay alive.

However, strangely enough, it wasn't until a year or so later that I soul traveled to the Galactic Core and met the Galactic Sentience who rules this galaxy who he said was put there by me before I started taking human and other incarnations throughout the Galaxy.

So, who is the Galactic Sentience? According to him he is my grandson. And why hasn't earth been nuked out of existence since World War II? According to him because I asked my grandson that Earth not be nuked out of existence like Maldek was.

This is what I was told along the way.

So, the work of Arcane, and Elohar and Ragna and myself ongoing is the prevention of the extinction of life on earth by any means necessary to maintain a platform of evolution for souls here on earth and to allow earth's ecology and animals as much as possible to flourish here for millions of years into the future by technological and spiritual means.

And since the present Galactic Sentience will be alive for all this because he is only likely millions and millions of years old and not billions of years old like my own soul this likely is going to happen by altering time and space to make this happen so all souls that want to incarnate on earth can over time as long as they respect the Sanctity of Earth under God.

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