Monday, April 10, 2017

The day after Roswell

 The day after Roswell

I read this book by Col. Corso in the late 1990s and founded to be more comprehensive and believable that anything I had read before on the subject. The previous book also from the same era but I found really powerful was called “above top secret” by Timothy good.

There was this. That lasted from about 1990 until 2001. The Cold War had ended in the freedom of information act was in effect and since Russia was no longer threat as the Soviet Union all this kind of amazing information where the freedom of information act combined with the lack of fear that we had during the Cold War allow this information to finally come forth since there was no military repression of fact necessary. Since we were no longer in World War II the Vietnam War the Korean War or the Cold War much information could come out that have been repressed and to who books which allow this information to come out were above top secret by Timothy good and the day after Roswell by Col. Corso.

Col. Corso's book I found even more interesting then above top secret because Col. Corso had actually been shown one of the alien bodies as a Colonel in the DIA under Truman and then Eisenhower. So then he and General Trudeau were given a File cabinet of relics from the ship including microchips that they were to give to American Corporations telling those corporations that they were Russian advanced Technology (Soviet Advanced Technology) which was a lie but this was what they were told to do.

So, as a result things like Kevlar Helmets and Microchips were reverse engineered from Roswell relics so the engineering technology we are using on these computers and smartphones today are all coming from Roswell.

Understanding this the Roswell Crash jump started the technology of transistors and microchips and Kevlar and other products used both by the militaries around the world and civilians as well.

You are reading this right now because of Roswell.

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