Friday, April 7, 2017

The problem is the tomahawk missiles might not be a legal action

The first problem is we might not have proof that Syria did this because it also could have been Iranians or Russians who actually bombed the kids with Sarin bombs or gas.

So, on a purely legal level this could be problematic for Trump and our nation in regard to the United Nations.

Yes. As president of the United States Trump has legal authority to do what he did but it is possible it wasn't Assad who did this in the first place.

However, if we compare this to something that ISIS did or does like burning people alive, beheading people or mass rape for years of Yazidi girls, making any children from  this mass rape from birth be raised as ISIS fighters and 9 year old  to 15 year old suicide bombers being given Xanax so they are completely fearless while dying and stuff like this obviously there is no comparison at all.

But, legally speaking the world Legal authority to have done this is at best sketchy if not there at all.

But, morally speaking was it the right thing to do against Assad. Of course!

And Most nations and peoples on earth agree that something needed to be done and so at least SOMETHING was done!

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