Saturday, April 8, 2017

Leaders like Putin, Assad and Trump will tend to prevent human extinction this century

At what Cost?

Think about this for a moment-- If the Great Depression, World War II, the Korean War, the Viet Nam War and all the rest hadn't happened, humans would have gone extinct between 1970 and the present.


We would have died from the same process we are seeing in places like Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen now.

The problem for mankind is that there are two extremes that can render humans extinct:
1. on one side there is nuclear holocaust and pandemics and pollution.
2. on the other side there is Overpopulation causing a lack of jobs, the inability to marry and have more children which then causes terrorism as a natural consequence when people decide to be terrorists rather than to just give up and die.

So, these are the two types of things that cause human extinction. The permanent end of life on earth.

Not wanting nuclear holocaust or pandemics are easy ones to address, but addressing pollution of the air and land and sea and overpopulation are on a world wide basis basically impossible to get 8 billion people going in all the same direction with enough education.

Also, most business people are too greedy to put up with what is necessary to prevent human extinction by reducing pollution of their industries worldwide that pollute the air, land and sea.

So, industries create greenhouse gases that raise temperatures but also pollute the air, land and sea and cause deaths.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected this group would prevent the ecology from diminishing further at least in the U.S. even though the rest of the world would get progressively worse.

Human extinction would have occured around 2080 to 2090. This is not her fault but this is what would have happened given all present variables.

So, the election of Hillary Clinton would therefore have resulted in human extinction from overpopulation bringing a lack of jobs and therefore terrorism to the point where human civilization would have collapsed and then caused human extinction. Hillary Clinton's "Helping people live" would have resulted in "too many babies being born worldwide" not to have created the Overopulation, lack of jobs, lack of resources, and terrorism leading to human extinction scenario by 2080 to 2090 through no fault of her own but reality.

However, with leaders like Trump, Putin and Assad, the alternative result would be us going back to the stone age with a few humans surviving and looking a little over time like things did around 2000 years ago within a few centuries time. However, all technology except for the wheel likely would be gone through terrorism and revolution.

Overpopulation is a very difficult problem to solve without a very different sort of governance than we presently have worldwide.

So, will civilizations and humanity survive this century?

That remains to be seen.

Terrorism has now evolved to the point where vehicles are being used to mow down large groups of people worldwide. The problem with this is that people eventually won't be allowed to drive cars because of this in different sections of the world and this likely will increase the use of self driving cars and trucks.

However, terrorists can also hack into self driving cars, and trucks and planes worldwide and also do the same thing.

So, I think in the end someone is just going to build Electromagnetic pulse generators and end all electrical and electronic technology permanently by setting these generators off once a month worldwide to prevent any further use of Electrical or electronic devices. At that point (sometime in the next 100 to 500 years) we will definitely return to the stone age when this happens (if any humans survive this)

What is the maximum amount of people sustainable for thousands of years?

The answer might surprise you!

1 billion people can live on the surface of earth and be self-sustainable for thousands of years.

OR around 13 billion COULD BE sustainable IF we only lived underground and only used the surface of the earth for farming and recreation.

So, either way for most people understanding this is only a very big surprise!

Any way you look at it children need to be educated to create a sustainable earth or all technology is going to be relatively permanently lost in the next few centuries time with us either going extinct or returning to the stone age one more time.

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