Saturday, April 8, 2017

How can human extinction be prevented from Overpopulation caused Terrorism during the next 500 years?

The problem is the lack of equality worldwide and the have nots. When you have so many have nots like we do now terrorism is inevitable. So, without equality terrorism is inevitable.

But, without mandatory birth control worldwide equality is not a reasonable reality to accomplish. Because instituting worldwide equality would ONLY Create Human extinction by the end of this century without mandatory birth control worldwide.

By equality I mean every human alive is entitled to food, shelter and clothing no matter what.

But, how do you convince the whole world regarding this absolutely necessary factor to prevent human extinction in this century or the next?

Without convincing people worldwide through education that they need mandatory birth control worldwide you are going to have human overpopulation causing human extinction at some point through acts of terrorism in the next 500 years. Wars can be controlled through various means. But without  worldwide equality and worldwide birth control Terrorism cannot be stopped or controlled ever.

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