Friday, April 21, 2017

This is not a politically correct Website: I believe in Truth over political correctness: Political correctness causes extinction

Though political correctness on an individual level might prevent murders, on a macro level it only creates human extinction. This is my view.

So, this site is about sharing enough actual truth to where the human race doesn't have to go extinct trying to be politically correct. What is real is real and to hide from that reality only extinguishes truth.

When you extinguish Truth through political correctness that is just equally as bad as what  Hitler created and also as bad as totalitarian Communism preventing people from believing in God and religion. Most people might not see this but to me it is very very obvious.

I have always tended to be a very straightforward person and even though I understand political correctness is an attempt to prevent murders and human extinction it is simply not going to work at a macro level and instead actually contributes to human extinction in the long run.

Many people might not understand this but I do. Political correctness at a macro level only creates human extinction in the end which is why we have to give it up before we lose the United States and Europe to people and governments like Putin's.

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