Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What attracted me to Tibetan Buddhism in the first place

I was raised from babyhood into a mystical Christian religion. My parents were also ministers of this religion and were put in Charge of the Hope Street "I AM" Temple in Los Angeles from 1954 until my grandfather, my mother's father died in 1960 and my mother sort of had a nervous breakdown because she and he hadn't worked out a lot of issues before he died.

So, Mom and Dad realized running a church was too much for Mom plus I was entering my teenage phase as well of life and also I had childhood epilepsy which wasn't much fun for them either which meant I could have seizures when I was asleep at night from age 10 to 15.

By age 21 I had already invoked God into my body so I wouldn't die of Childhood epilepsy. As soon as God joined me in my body as I had prayed God please do, my childhood epilepsy ended immediately. I never had a seizure ever again and my appearance completely changed. This change happened at age 15.

However, the problem with God living in my body with me is most people are not tuned into God the way I had to be 24 hours a day because God was living in my body with me. What I had invoked into me would kill most people because it is a lot of power and responsibility to deal with. It was like having to become a full adult at 15 or die. So, I survived God living in my body but it took me until I was about 30 until I got used to God living inside my body. Now it is easy but it was very very difficult to survive until 30 under these conditions.

It is very hard to learn to live with 24 hours a day supernatural experiences like you hear about in the Bible. But I survived anyway.

And I suppose God had plan it all this way too. That's just the way (He, she, the being is)

So, anyway I realized as time went on that most people had no idea who or what God really was at all. This I found extremely frustrating because my experience was sort of like getting a PHD when most people seemed to be failing kindergarten or first Grade. So I really found this really frustrating talking to people because most people seemed to have no idea at all who God really was.

The difference between reading about God and having to live with God 24 hours a day ongoing is such a profound difference that I felt a lot like an alien in some ways here on earth not being able to communicate effectively to them as to who God really was and is.

So, when I was asked to leave my religion (partly because of my direct experience with God). A later religion I joined in 1975 to 1977 told me: "They couldn't have people on staff that thought they had a direct Connection with God".

For me, personally this was one of the best compliments I had ever received from anyone my whole life.

Let me ask you a question: "Wouldn't you rather be able to ask any question  of God 24 hours a day if you had the chance and could actually physically survive this?"

Same here. Yes. This would be my answer now too. However, I didn't have any idea what I was in for asking God to live in my body when I was 15 so I didn't have to die of childhood epilepsy. However, I think God was really happy when I made this choice because of all the millions of people he could help through me supernaturally and by altering time and space in all sorts of situations.

But, in the end I realized the only people I met that actually understood what it was like to be me were Tibetan Tulkus which are called "Living Buddhas" that I met.

I could also relate to people like the Christian Healer, Kathryn Kuhlman who I went to see a lot with my girlfriend then in the early 1970s at the Shrine auditorium in Los Angeles. I loved going there to see her because of all the Holy Spirit and Angels I got to hang out with at the Shrine Auditorium as people got healed of all sorts of things during those events. For me, it was a supernatural study of how she invoked Jesus and the Holy spirit into that auditorium so everyone blissed out and got healed. It's pretty amazing when 10,000 people are all blissed out with the Holy spirit and getting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healings at those events.

But, eventually I saw that most people had no idea at all where I was coming from except for Tibetan Lamas, Tibetan Tulkus who Are LIVING BUDDHAS and some Native American Medicine Men and Women also understood who I was and what I was doing here on earth.

But, unless people were incredibly intuitively gifted often they didn't understand what I was about.

So, I realized in my late 20s that Tibetan Buddhism made more sense to me than other things I had studied. Even Organized Mystics in religions I began to see them as White Magicians and I saw sometimes the damage done by white elitists who lived according to a Pyramid structure so only the guy on top got wealthy from all the spiritual donations.

So, first of all, I realized I couldn't really be an organizational religion person. However, I could relate to Tibetan Buddhism, Mystical Christianity and truly Holy Gurus and Holy people whether they were Christians, Buddhists or whoever who really knew God or Buddha.

So, then I realized that the single most powerful path was a path of compassion and that once you were able to have compassion for all life on earth you would be given naturally incredible powers to help mankind.

But, if you don't learn to generate compassion for all life including yourself into the past, present and future of the whole universe, if you were given supernatural gifts you just would be dead in about 2 weeks or so.

But, if you already see all life in the universe as your children that you are helping have better lives and become enlightened, then it becomes something entirely different and then there is no limit to how many people and beings in the past, present and future that you can help.

By God's Grace

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