Thursday, April 20, 2017

When angels tell you something is going to happen why does it always turn out that way?

My explanation of this is that they don't live in time and space but have the ability to see "Over time".

So, when they tell you something is going to happen it does.

So, they are not like human beings even though some of them have been human beings before or after they became angels in the first place. So, some have understanding of what it is actually like to be a human being.

Others are more obedient angels who haven't taken human form "Ever" or possibly one day.

However, often to move forward in responsibility as an angel you have to take human form at least once to be capable of better decision making. Mortality teaches decision making and the consequences of bad decisions also tends to make souls who were or are now angels better decision makers because of having to weigh the consequences of each and every decision.

My father in the 1950s shared this about decision making with me.

He said, "Don't get hung up on decision making. No one ever has enough information to make a perfect decision about anything. So, the important thing here is to just keep making decisions as best you can. When you get more information about anything, you might change your decisions to other decision but in the moment all you know is what you know. Most decisions can be changed on the fly. But, since you have to make decisions the rest of your life you just have to start making them and keep making them the best you can.

At that time (in the 1950s) often women were not trained to make decisions because of our culture and whether you were a man or a woman often you made bad decisions and sometimes you died from those bad decisions.

However, I have found my father right always about what he said long ago. You just have to keep making decisions because your life and the lives of all around you depend upon this.

So, the better you get at making decisions the more likely the human race won't go extinct in the long and short run.

By God's Grace

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