Tuesday, April 4, 2017

When a City disappears in a Nuclear Blast

Time is corrected so you and I don't have to witness this.

This is why we haven't seen anything like this since the end of World War II. Other things that tend to be corrected are Pandemics that go worldwide and Firebombings of large cities that bring all buildings down in a short time.

This is one of the reasons the United Nations was created in the first place to organize this sort of thing so people have no memory of these events. (They might dream about these events) but it was on another timeline when they actually happened.

However, time travel is not practical to deal with things like Terrorism because Terrorism generally speaking is a product of overpopulation to begin with. Since overpopulation (more people than local resources can support) is so directly tied to terrorism in many or most cases, time travel is not used to stop terrorism because causation factors are not practical to address in this way.

So, you will notice that wars have tended to get smaller and smaller around the world since World War II because of all these methods being employed internationally.

The Good thing about this is that millions of people are not dying on this time line on any given day when a large city just becomes dust from nuclear weapons.

The bad thing about this is that this then allows overpopulation to cause terrorism and a lack of food and jobs.

However, it is thought that people have to organize to prevent overpopulation or they are just going to die from it anyway.

So, the reality left in play that we all face on earth is:

Overpopulation creates Terrorism and Genocide.

And this is an ongoing problem that will continue to get worse until populations begin to reduce or humans go extinct here on planet earth.

However, with people like Trump being elected as presidents we appear to be entering a new and different world order. The rules of this world order have yet to be determined.

In this new and yet fledgling world order all of the above rules may go by the wayside in order to balance human populations on earth so humans can survive and not go extinct.

This might look very different than anything in history on earth.

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