Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Who benefits the most from you learning to generate compassion? You do first!

After studying computer science, philosophy and psychology and finally cultural Anthropology in college and in UCSC I had learned that being compassionate to oneself was the key to learning to be compassionate to others. So, by taking personal responsibility for one's own happiness one can more easily make not only oneself happy but everyone in one's life more happy too.

So, learning to generate compassion towards yourself and all life in the past, present and future of the universe is ONLY going to increase your mental, emotional and physical  health and longevity first.

So, it is in your enlightened self interest to be compassionate to yourselves so you can be more compassionate to your loved ones and friends and everyone you meet along the way.

One of the ways to generate compassion for yourself and others is to mean it when you say thank you to others for anything they do to help you. You create a bond in this because then people realize you ARE really grateful and you really mean it when you say "Thank You!" for any help they give you in any way.

So, this spreads kindness which builds civilizations around the world wherever you go. You become welcome in more and more homes as people see you are a compassionate person and a helpful person to their survival as well as your own.

So, learning to generate compassion is the quickest way to be happy, to make others happy and to be 'Healthy Wealthy and Wise in your lives ongoing".

So, learning compassion for yourselves and all beings in the past, present and future is the actual key to success and happiness for all mankind!

By God's Grace

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