Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Using Enhanced Dictation to generate text along with a video sound feed from an Iphone 7plus for accuracy

Though I made a few corrections as I went I found this worked quite well especially if you are doing regular dictation from scratch in a creative way using both the Macbook pros (2016) version with an enhanced Dictation mode (came stock) but had to download 1.2 gigabytes to make it work this well in conjunction with my video mode of my Iphone 7plus as a back up for original dictation in case I'm not sure what was originally said for accuracy. end note.

 This is an experiment and I'm trying to see if this works I'm using. My iPhone 7+ and my new MacBook Pro enhanced dictation to see if I can get a clear text by doing both at the same time. In this way if it has dictation makes any mistakes because it is 70 to 90% accurate I can pick up those mistakes by playing back the video from my phone.

I was writing recently about the Golden city and I just wanted to try to go back to that time and I believe it was around 2011 when my older daughter  and I went there and she asked me about where the Golden city was right then? And I looked and it wasn't where it was in 1970. But I discovered it was right there at bunny flats on Mount Shasta and at first I laughed and then I shared it with my daughter and she laughed. Later that day we skied up on bunny flats and The snow was remarkable and we had an amazing experience  there. It was getting cold though and must've gotten down to  15 to 25° right around that range Fahrenheit. And so because I was in my early 60s my body was starting to hurt after skiing and being in the cold temperature. But my daughter being young then in her early 20s at that time was in a totally different place than I was and she said can we “Om” dad?

Being a good dad I said yes. She said how long has it been since you I have done "om"ing with people? I said it's probably been since the 90s what we used to do that a lot from the 60s 70s and 80s. So I Omed with my daughter for about 20 minutes.

Later as we move down the mountain and my 2000 gold Lexus at that time I notice that like a finger or a hand of the Golden city move with us all away down to the hotel I was staying in with my daughter and then we said goodbye and she went back to Oregon where she lived in and I returned down to the San Francisco Bay area where I live. But the Golden city came with me and what was remarkable about this for me was that it continue to expand all over the world powered by the solar logos who is the being that runs the sun and through the sun the whole solar system.''

note: I guess on any given day it is whether I prefer dictation or typing. It's less work in a way just to type directly from your mind but the other side of it is you have more copies of original material especially if you publish at a blog site and don't make hard copies on paper. So, if you don't delete your video sound copy on your phone or you download it into your computer even if someone hacks your blog you still have a copy of your sound video from your smartphone to fall back on so you don't get into the position I was a few years ago when I had my perfect first section of "As Drones Evolve" down and it was perfect so I was happy. But then someone hacked my Blog site and deleted a bunch of it and I never was as satisfied with it again even though I went back and tried to make it work. It's still pretty good but my original was even better. So, to protect against hackers, storms flooding or other losses of good generated original material having more than one type of original copy makes sense so you can always return to your original copy no matter what happens in an emergency.

If you are more interested in privacy you can do the same thing with a tape recorder and hand writing or a typewriter as well.

end note.

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