Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Boehnor: "The Republican Party has disagreed on Healthcare for 20 years."

Because the previous Speaker of the House, A Republican said this true statement the likelihood of anything regarding healthcare being passed by the house is less than about 1% in reality.

This is because Moderate Republicans are not that different really than Moderate Democrats. But the difference between Moderate Republicans and Conservatives  is absolutely incredible.
For example, a moderate Republican wants all his or her constituents to have healthcare. Conservatives want no healthcare covered by Government funding at ALL!

Because of this the likelihood of a healthcare repeal and replace bill passing the house is about 1% in reality.

Passing this 1% chance of passage bill in the Senate even if it passes the House is also likely a Zero percent chance of passing the Senate.

So, what is the chance of a Repeal and Replace bill passes the Senate and House and be signed by Trump?

About Zero!

However, Republicans had nothing to do with Social Security, Unemployment insurance, Medicare or anything else regarding healthcare ever voted in in U.S. History.

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