Monday, July 31, 2017

3 episodes of "Game of Thrones" so far?

I think it is because I watched the first episode in a hotel room while traveling with my daughters that I got confused and then I watched the 2nd one with my wife at home later. So, when I watched the 3rd one last night I thought there were only two episodes.

If you haven't seen the first one yet I found it a little boring because they mostly are getting you used to watching "Game of Thrones" again this season so  mostly it is reorienting people to the show. This is my thought about it. By the end of episode 2 you are starting to potentially lose characters (you aren't really sure at this point but it seems like this either is happening or might happen soon the way they leave it. So, by the time you get to episode 3 you sort of feel like a "Veteran" Game of Thrones watcher once again with either deaths or potential deaths of characters you have come to know.

This is the thing about why I stopped watching it for about 2 seasons after the death of Ned Stark. He was my favorite character up until then so when they got rid of him I figured "This sucks" he was the best character in the whole darn thing so why should I watch a bunch of Medieval Assholes kill each other after that mess?

Because he was "At the time" the only redeeming leader alive in this show you had any hope at all might be a good leader. But, many seasons later the series is now the most addicting series on earth and the most popular show in 170 nations around the world now.

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