Thursday, July 27, 2017

We are now coming close to a Constitutional Crisis!

Trump's obvious mental and moral instability are coming to a head. I now expect a Constitutional Crisis to emerge where the Houses of Congress and the Supreme Court are going to have to force Trump either to resign or to be impeached (one or the other) (Likely both). Pence will pardon Trump after Trump pardons his children from anything they knowingly or unknowingly did wrong and Trump likely will leave office in this state leaving Pence or Ryan (Speaker of the House) as president depending upon whether Pence gets indicted by the Congress too or not.

This is actually a much worse state of affairs than with Nixon because Russia has obviously declared a "New Kind of War" similar to the Cold War but much more insidious on the U.S. now.

Putin, by mobilizing White paranoid anti-Gay, and anti-Muslim and anti anything but White power white Christians against everyone else on earth basically, has created an untenable state here in  the U.S. where anyone who is not white, straight and Christian is in danger now of losing all civil rights, to vote, to live, to work,  to breathe and to even exist here in the U.S.

What might be important to know here is that educated White Christians mostly do not share this point of view with mostly southern white conservative Christians. Though most white Christians believe in Freedom of religion for all some do not and the ones that do not Putin has mobilized now through Trump.

And God Help us ALL!

Because the U.S. is starting to remind me of Germany in the 1930s when Hitler Came to power.

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