Sunday, July 30, 2017

Understanding Crazy Wisdom Better (The Wisdom Beyond Logic)

I was thinking tonight how a lot of people might not understand Crazy Wisdom. People can use their intuition and instincts for Good things or bad things or anywhere in between.

I likely didn't understand fully what the name "Crazy Wisdom" meant until I was in my late 20s or early 30s but it described how I was too. So, for me, it was learning to use this not only in a positive way for myself but also for everyone else around me.

It is sort of like being very instinctual and intuitive and instead of leading with your intellect you are more where the rubber meets the road sort of like Fonzie in "Happy Days" where you kind of know what is going to happen next in your life.

Being intellectual can be useful or get you killed depending upon whether you have "common sense" or not.

Crazy Wisdom can be good or bad in various different kinds of situations but mostly you have to learn to have compassion for yourself and all others so you use it correctly.

Trump also has this quality of "Flying by the seat of his pants" but I'm not sure it is good for him or especially the country or anyone living in our country or the world at large.

So, a certain amount of discipline is necessary for good outcomes for all concerned regarding Crazy Wisdom.

However, often the people who make the biggest changes on earth have this quality.

Because since no one sees it coming because it is always almost completely unpredictable "Whether it is good or bad" no one can prepare for what is coming at all.

So, this is why this quality in Trump is so deadly to our democracy and to the world.

However, when it is used by someone like McCain it might be a different story because he survived 5 years in a North Viet Nam Prison Camp and is nobody's fool.

But, will he survive his brain cancer? Unknown.

But, it takes Fire to defeat Fire. So, the only people who will defeat Trump will also be instinctual and intuitive and unpredictable too.

Otherwise, our democracy will soon be lost with another Hitler which is how I see Trump.

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