Monday, July 31, 2017

Could a particle Beam Generator from Space take out all of North Korea?

I'm thinking that this is possible but I'm not aware how wide a particle beam can go and still be effective from space. I know that unlike lasers Electron particle beams rip through clouds and incinerate anything on the ground and might blast a hole up to 50 feet deep but I'm not sure how wide a trench this would make. But, I know all buildings would not exist wherever on earth this hit.

Could it be used to take out a missile?

The ones in space now I don't think they were designed for this. I think they are a part of our doomsday weapons to destroy all life on earth completely. So, I'm not aware of the final designs they put into space. So, this is one of the U.S. antidotes to a first strike with nuclear weapons against us.

Since they work by a small nuclear bomb generating enough power to incinerate whole cities with a 5 to 10 megaton bomb doing the generation I"m not sure how wide or how deep this cuts into the ground. I only know nothing above ground where this hits would be alive and any buildings where this hits would no longer exist. So, it is a very formidable weapon sort of like nuclear weapons but no missiles are needed, just everything is gone wherever it hits the ground on earth from space.

And this would be instantaneous like a laser whenever this happened with no way to defend against something like this.

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