Monday, July 31, 2017

It's not as scary As Strock market crash of 1929, The Great Depression, WWII, or the 1950s: yet!

Stasi: Our world leaders are straight out of 1941 - NY Daily News

Though on one level I agree with Stasi in this article, I think she is way to young to have lived to through any of these other things.

I would say that the 1950s up through the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFKs assassination through Nixon resigning were much scarier than this.

9-11 was scarier than this too.


Because right now you just have a lot of crazies in power but they aren't killing 100 million people or more like they did during world war II. They aren't nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (Truman did this because he knew otherwise Japan would never surrender otherwise as it wasn't a part of their culture because they were 'death before surrender' literally then as a nation.)

So, what I would call today's leaders is "incredibly naive" of the consequences of their actions.

It's sort of the difference between a man with a knife talking about knifing someone and actually doing it.

The first of saying it is a fantasy of anger. The 2nd is a lifetime of PTSD (if you have a conscience) of that man you stabbed coming to you in dreams and stabbing you as a ghost over and over again).

The level of PTSD in most men who served in the American Military in WWII and KOREA and VIET NAM was a level of crazy we haven't seen much because I think in the last 15 years or so we at most lost 15,000 men.

But, just in Viet Nam we lost 50,000 men and had over 250,000 wounded and in addition to this there were millions with PTSD who came home and killed their families in a flashback to horror ongoing. 

And this was even worse after WWII. I remember being a child when anyone I knew who had been in WWII I avoided like the plague because they might do or say anything to you. So, I generally avoided them because they were really really scary.

I remember one of them from my church saying to me at age 10, "You disgust me, you are so spoiled. You have everything." Right out of the blue with a straight face.

I knew this guy really had problems because I had just met him. He didn't know me at all.

Looking back I knew the war had completely destroyed his reality on every level.

But, at the time for an adult to say this to me was pretty weird to say the least.

In WWII we lost 1 million men, women and children. And most of them were civilians caught in other countries and mostly women and children 400,000 to 600,000.

Russia lost 20 million people all by themselves mostly to starvation when Hitler invaded Russia.

The level of horror is unimaginable today in what that level of horror does to everyday human beings. However, as a young man I was told almost everything that had happened in the Great Depression (millions starving to death and committing suicide here) in the U.S. without jobs, or food or shelter outside of a maybe a tent if that. 

So, even though on one level I agree with STASI in her article I don't think she realizes how much worse the actuality of all this happening is to just talking about it or writing about it.

Right now it's a fairy tale that we laugh about as being crazy. When it comes for real no one is going to be laughing at all, just crying, starving, killing and dying and that's all like in a post apocalyptic horror movie.





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