Monday, July 31, 2017

Likely ANY Electronic voting machine can be hacked. The only protection is a paper trail from voters.

If voters don't leave a paper trail votes and be "misplaced" in various ways as they likely were during the Clinton Trump elections. It's a weakness when you use computers to do anything. Data can easily be manipulated. Whereas when there are paper ballots (unless boxes of those ballots actually disappear under odd circumstances) or ballot boxes are stuffed) it is really hard to fake votes. But, electronically, votes can be faked, money can be faked, anything can be faked once you go electronically into the computer age. And if ANYONE tells you something different then they don't know anything about software or hardware and shouldn't be taken seriously (even if they are voting supervisors all across the nation).

And the people you should believe the least are people who make voting machines because profit is their ONLY motive in this situation. So, they will tell you ANYTHING! (Sort of like Used Car Sales men).

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