Thursday, July 27, 2017

How I found out about Amnesiac Medications

In the early 2000s my father in law got a yeast infection in his blood. However since he was in his 80s he was put into an induced coma for 2 weeks and then given Amnesiacs so his memories of the halucinations didn't drive him insane while unconscious. Also, if you watch 'The BiG Sick" the girl likely was given Amnesiacs so she wouldn't have permanent psychological problems from being kept in a coma for so long (in a medically induced coma). After 2 weeks in a medically induced coma I think my father in law lived almost another 10 years before he finally passed away. He had all his marbles to the end which was good too.

Modern day medicine is a marvel but it also makes sense now what aliens did to humans when they abducted them and gave them amnesiacs too. And instead of implants to track us like was done in the past, we have cell phones and smart phones to track us through GPS now worldwide.

Think about this. There are now well over 5 billion cellphones on earth. So, over 5 billion people are being tracked by governments and criminals 24 hours a day now.

What is being done with all this research on us all being tracked we likely will never know.

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