Friday, July 28, 2017

What HTTPS "APPEARS" to be trying to do might be a good thing but it is only bad for bloggers worldwide

HTTPS changing the very nature of the Internet itself. So, it is not what it used to be. They say security issues caused them to do this. However, the truth might be somewhere else entirely. How often have you heard Trump for example, say one thing in the morning and do the opposite by nightfall. This is an everyday occurrence. So, we all know we can't believe ANYTHING Trump says at all. because if you do you are a fool.

I think the same is true with HTTPS.

Actions speak louder than words.

And the actions of HTTPS shuts up thousands of bloggers across the globe expressing their ideas.

Like I said, "Actions speak louder than words!"

Does HTTPS actually improve security? I don't know the answer to this.

I only know it muzzles thousands of people from expressing their ideas worldwide and that is ONLY going to be a very bad thing.

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