Thursday, July 27, 2017

How Time Duplication is actually accomplished

If a U.S. or UN Time Cadre member is going on a dangerous mission through time that they might not return from, Time Duplication is used as a way to protect the individual from death. This is how it is done. You send yourself ahead in time and then return before you left. Then either one is sent through time but one remains in the present. So, if the one that goes doesn't come back you still have the one left behind. Since anything that happens happens after that the duplicated one remains intact and the other one might be gone. This is a way to protect the present from the future or the past or the present changes.
But, you might ask, "How can one of them be dead and one of them be alive at the same time?"

This is just one of the anomalies of time travels. As long as the duplication is done first before you send someone out, one still remains because the time duplicate didn't experience whatever the other one did.

Think of it this way. If an Earthquake occurs and you are not there you are not in the earthquake. For example, you might see an earthquake coming as a precognitive psychic. Your brother or sister might not see it coming. So, you go somewhere else to avoid the earthquake but your brother or sister do not go elsewhere. They experience the earthquake and die but you do not because you were somewhere else when it happened.

So, as long as the time loop creating the duplicate person happens (both are present of the same person) this works.

However, if you go forward to when there is only one person in time again (this doesn't work).

So, for example, you might make 1000 copies of yourself this way and fight a battle anywhere in time.

But, as long as you keep at least one of you out of the battle that one of you won't die and will live on.

The 1000 might all die in this battle or not but the one of you kept out of the battle will live on.

However, you have to think this through of which one to leave out of the battle in order for this to work. Usually, the one who didn't travel time at all stays alive and those who travel through time might not (of the same body and mind).

Does the original have memories of all the rest?

Yes. This sometimes can be a problem regarding psychological health especially if the individual is intuitive.

So, if you are going to do this for warriors you might want them to be instinctual and co-ordinated and quick but not necessarily deep or intuitive if you want them to psychologically survive this.

Later: I realized I needed to explain this a little better.

It's midnight and you are there alone. But then at 12:05 am you go through time and you come back to midnight and meet your original self. Now there are two of you there at midnight.

So now, while there are two of you there the one that just went through time goes on a mission. The 2nd time you meet your self you say, "Don't go through time when you are at midnight because I already did!" The original self says "Ok. I won't" But, since you exist you already did that. So, you the one who already traveled through time keep going through time and the one that didn't already do this doesn't do it.

How does this work?

You have already traveled through time so now the original of you doesn't have to do this again because you have just created a new timeline. So, even if you die traveling time the original of you won't die because it never traveled through time and lives on a completely different timeline than you do.

So, now you have two of you in different spaces and times.

So, literally there could be two of you that live to be 100 on different timelines.

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