Monday, July 24, 2017

Watching the first part of "Out on a Limb" with Shirley MacLaine

The first thing that comes to mind is just how different the Zeitgeist of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s were from now in the world. So, many things that were "new" to Americans then have either now been rejected or have become a "normal" part of the present Zeitgeist of America now. So, for example, you see her wear furs in Stockholm, Sweden and you know likely now that wouldn't go for anyplace but maybe Moscow today because of PETA and so many other organizations that likely would throw paint on you or worse if you wore many furs now almost anywhere in the developed world.

So, there is a trance channel she goes to see in Stockholm which is interesting in itself if you have never experienced anything like this before. So, Shirley is in her 40s on this voyage of self discovery. At one point she stands on a beach and a friend of hers gets her to say "I AM GOD" and she asks him If "I AM God" what does that make you? And he says "I AM God" too. And they both say to each other with their hands outstretched at their sides "I AM GOD" then the other says "IAM GOD" and back and forth until they both laugh.

Now, in some religions and places on earth doing something like this might get you killed for a variety of reasons but not here in the U.S. because we actually DO HAVE FREEDOM of Religion here. So, you can literally go to a beach almost anywhere and do this.

However, I would be careful if you do this not to do this openly around people that look really straight laced or Muslim because even then they might give you trouble.

But, anyway you look at it this movie opens people to a lot of new ideas if they haven't been exposed to those ideas before.

I personally have difficulty that she is dating a married man. This is likely my difficulty with the movie but everything else I'm likely okay with.

I remember in the 1990s I met a lady around my age who was from France here in California and we worked the same place. She said her husband was having an affair and she knew about it and she wanted to have an affair with me too. But, I said she was wonderful but I don't date married women. I just consider it to be a very bad idea at the time. And she felt very hurt that I wouldn't date her even though we were friends at work. But, I'm just not European I guess.

Also, I was starting to date my present wife and that was a factor also. But, either way I think dating someone married is a really bad idea. However, that's just me.

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