Thursday, July 27, 2017

The problem with editing the genes of human embryos

Here's the real problem. It's basically the same problem you have with inbred dogs of certain breeds.

Mongrel dogs are always healthier and so are mongrel humans generally speaking. When you "Gene edit" you create "IDeal" babies for living right now on earth.

But, what you also likely are doing is dooming these genetics ultimately to extinction. Why?

Because You have no idea what the human race is going to have to face in the future. So, by gene editing without enough knowledge of the future of mankind here on earth and beyond, you create beings that are going to be vulnerable to the unknown problems we will face in the future. Every gene has a purpose which people today might not be able to ferret out. But, if these genes which they only "NOW" see the bad aspects of, obviously they don't see the "GOOD" aspects of these genes regarding long term human survival here on earth because we are not in those conditions for now at least.

But, if you can imagine the human genome during the last 500,000 to 1,000,000 years every gene that made it to now has some useful purpose. However, we may NOT KNOW what that purpose is yet.

This is the real problem of gene editing embryos.

So, gene editing likely will result in whole groups of people going extinct (their children and grandchildren) in the future when those edited out genes are needed once again for that group to survive something they face in the future.

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