Tuesday, August 1, 2017

a behavior you don't see much anymore

In the 1950s when I was growing up there were still streams and springs safe enough to drink out of then. So, often one would bend down and cup their hands and use their hands as a cup to drink out of. I was trained to do this by the time I was 2 or 3 years old in Seattle Washington when we went places like Mount Rainier to drink snow melt out of glaciers then and other safe places to drink still.

But, since many people now I notice don't know how to do this or to navigate entirely by landmarks and who ONLY know how to navigate by GPS and Google Maps I wonder what happens during the next solar storm when people can't use anything electronic one day and people are lost all over the place. My older children know how to navigate strictly through landmarks like I was taught and my father was taught but less so my youngest daughter. I find more and more people don't have the ability to look at land marks and know exactly where they are in relation to everything else everywhere else. I was taught to think this way in what is called "Looking down from the sky" kind of navigation. I often found in India people who only stayed with in a few blocks of where they lived their whole lives also didn't know how to think like a "looking down from the sky kind of map in their heads" either. So, maybe this way of navigation was more for pioneers here in the U.S. who taught their children to use rifles for hunting and protection and taught them navigation by landmarks with everything in relation to every other thing. But, it's true this was before GPS Satellites, smartphones and all that.

Another thing I notice is how important it is for me to see out of an airplane. This is because I dreamed as a child of growing up and being an airline pilot then. Everything has changed now but often I see people not seeming to care whether they can see out of an airplane or not and this is very strange to me the difference in people today from when I grew up as well.

So, maybe someone like me who has soloed flying a Cessna 152 by myself thinks differently from people who ride Jet airliners like they might ride the bus in the city or from place to place.

I still have the pioneer exploring spirit of my father and grandfather and others obviously do not.

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