Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Actually accompllishing Soul Travel through Astral projection nearly killed me the first time

I had prayed most of my life to be able to soul travel ever since the archangels came to me and healed me from "Whooping cough" when I was around 2. I saw them clearly and ever after that I wanted to "Soul Travel" like they did so I often prayed for this ability from about age 5. I first got this ability in a strange way one night while I was sick without warning. I was alone in a house in the desert near Yucca Valley, California and got up to go to the bathroom as I was asleep. However, when I got to the bathroom I tried to turn the light switch on and my arm went through the wall.

Then I knew I wasn't in my body and I nearly died of fright right then because I wasn't feeling well to begin with. I thought I might die because I didn't naturally know what to do so I wracked my brain and finally realized I had read what to do in an occult book store named the mythrus in La Jolla, California. So, I walked back to where my body was and laid down into it so I wouldn't die. I woke up in my body shaking and trembling in fright.

I couldn't be alone anymore so I packed up between 2 am and 4 am in the morning and drove home to Rancho Bernardo. I prayed hard the way home to God and asked for a Good experience to take the bad taste out of my mouth of the horror I had experienced.

God answered my prayer and within 2 months I woke up and sat up out of my body but I wasn't terrified or frightened to death this time. I looked back at my body laying there behind me because I was still joined by my hips to my feet so I was okay with this. Then my angel body also dressed in the pajamas my other two bodies wore walked into the room through my bedroom door and laid down into me and then I laid down into my physical body and the three of us were okay.

So, I had had a complete paradigm shift.

I had seen my soul living outside my body so I knew it could exist likely without my body so death I was no longer afraid of because I knew I would still be okay if my body died.

So, I began after that bi-locating up onto the roof or walking around outside and eventually went out into space in my soul body and went to Venus, into the Sun and into the center of the Galaxy where I met the Galactic Sentience who rules the galaxy. Some people call him a God (sort of like Zeus or Odin or something like that) but he just doesn't believe any of that even though others believe that about him.

So, this is how I became a soul traveler as a spiritual path of unfoldment in my life.

Basically this taught me that time and space are not as real as we think they are. Or better said, "Time and space are not at all what we think they are."

The present way I have come to see this is that the physical universe is a part of God's mind. This is one of the only ways this makes scientific sense to me. Otherwise, why would soul travel be possible throughout the physical universe

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