Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Why I believe Time and Space is only Relatively real

When God allowed me to begin soul traveling first he almost killed me by showing me astral projection wasn't the way to go. So, I began bi-locating which for me I'm meaning that consciousness was in more than one location at the same time but just like when you go to sleep at night you sort of stay connected to your physical body so you can come back to it in the morning when you wake up, this is a form of literally being two places at the same time.

You can practice this if you want by imagining a little person (a duplicate of you) sitting on the edge of your desk or table if that is what you are doing now. Now visualize yourself waving to you, If you become proficient at this sort of thing it becomes the basis of soul travel.

All thought is basically soul traveling even though people don't realize it. Have you ever noticed when you even think about someone you love often they will call you? Why is this?

Because by thinking about them you have touched their reality and then they begin thinking about you too because you have connected through thought. So, whenever you think about someone often if they are not too distracted by concentration of driving a car or working on a project they likely begin thinking of you too.

In the past, when I was dating various girlfriends often they would know when I was thinking about them or vice versa and this was interesting if we talked about this sort of thing too at the time. Sometimes, if I have thought about anyone and they have called me throughout my life or texted me on my smartphone.

So, when I began to consciously soul travel the galaxy and earth for around 10 years time (1970 to 1980) I finally noticed (after all this time) that I didn't need effort to do this because I began to realize anywhere I went I was already there. So, there really was no effort after this because all I had to do was to visualize wherever I wanted to be (even multiple places) and I was there. But, one does need a good reason to do this otherwise there can be unwanted consequences.

So, it is better if you are a spiritual seeker or pilgrim looking for answers and blessings. In this way there is a natural galactic protection as you travel the galaxy. just like pilgrims of various religions visiting their holy sites often are protected also here on earth just by being who and what they are.

There is respect for spiritual pilgrims generally speaking even  around the world as long as people aren't members of competing religions. And even then most people respect people's beliefs as long as they are not inharmonious or violent to others.

But, when I realized I was already anywhere I wanted to be in time and space I realized in already realizing I was everywhere that God was doing something different than what people think here on earth mostly.

At this point since I am already everywhere in time and space (experiencially) there is nowhere I have to go because I am already there. I believe this is likely true for all of us. If we are already everywhere what does that mean?

Likely what it means is time and space is not real to our souls but only to us when we wear physical bodies. Because soul traveling we are already everywhere. So,

In our souls we are truly free.

Because as a soul we are literally everywhere and simultaneously nowhere in time and space. Likely because time and space are a contrivance, an invention likely a little like video games we play on TVs and computers. So, as souls we are already literally everywhere in time and space.

Is it good to know this?

It is for me.

Know the Truth and the Truth will set you Free!

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