Thursday, August 10, 2017

Chips can fall out of chip credit cards, leaving consumers vulnerable

Yes. If you don't get an RFID certified wallet impregnated by aluminum filings AND be very careful with them while in this wallet you also have to watch that if the chip wasn't installed properly in the card it can fall out or if you mishandle the card in any way the chip can also fall out. They are not at all like the abuse you might give to the old non-chip cards and have them still sort of work.
If you don't know all this likely you shouldn't be carrying chip cards. But, don't travel outside the country without them because a few years ago I went to South Korea without one or more of them and found I often could not get more than 100 to 300 dollars a day while traveling there which sometimes sort of limited what I could do on my first trip there. But, by the 2nd time I went a year or two later I brought multiple chip cards because I had learned my lesson. Europe and Japan and likely China are all this way too and in banking technology have been ahead of the U.S. for some time. We got behind during the Great Recession when American banks decided not to push the chip card technology because of consolidation of banks during the Great Recession where larger solvent banks were forced to "eat up" by the government less solvent banks to keep the country going on through the Great Recession to prevent it turning into worse than the Great Depression which cause wise was actually about 10 times worse than the Great Depression at core. But, luckily we had the head of the Fed to prevent a 2nd Great Depression and others who had studied this enough to prevent another one. But, it was very very close to becoming 10 times worse than the Great Depression here in the U.S. and around the world. This could happen again at any moment too by the way and with the group in power right now we definitely would have a Great depression 25 times worse than the original one with the present group in power in the U.S. right now. This is one reason why Trump should be impeached even though Pence in some ways might be even worse regarding this problem.
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Chips can fall out of chip credit cards, leaving consumers vulnerable
A new wrinkle in smart technology serves as a reminder for consumers to be cautious, as the tiny chip in your credit card can fall out and then be used by someone else to access your …

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