Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Growing up to be an Adept of Saint Germain

So, after my father passed away the world had changed a lot so when I finally told my extended family about this they didn't believe me. However, my cousin's daughter was a lawyer and had childhood onset diabetes and identified with what I was talking about. Later I learned while my son was studying to be nurse that this (what I had is what is called "Blunt Trauma childhood epilepsy" because hereditary epilepsy is often throughout ones life. However, without medication one often dies eventually during a seizure like people often did in the past. But, all the near death experiences often open up your gifts through all the near death trauma each seizure so for me it opened up "seeing into the future, telepathy and many other gifts like "healing at a distance" at times.  I have noticed abilities often "open up" on their own when needed and often lay latent ready for use, much like our abilities to run for miles, or walk for miles or endure extreme cold or heat sometimes during severe survival situations. So, we all have many more gifts than many of us are actually aware of that might show up when needed and our survival or the survival of our family or friends is at stake.

It is difficult to explain to people what this all is like because you either have experiences out of the ordinary or you just don't focus on this sort of thing. My experience of this is when I meet or see someone who doesn't use their intuitive gifts or develop them consciously it is sort of like (for me) if I saw someone wearing handcuffs all the time pretending they didn't have arms or hands. So, I feel very sorry for them. If you have abilities "Why wouldn't you develop them and use them to benefit yourself and all mankind?"

They are God given gifts that we all are naturally born with. Just because they scare some people sort of the way cars once scared horses so they reared up when cars rode by doesn't mean we shouldn't develop completely as humans here on earth. We aren't slaves. We are Free Men and Women and should become all we are capable of becoming for our betterment and the betterment of all life on earth and throughout the Universe!

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