Thursday, August 10, 2017

I think Trump might make a mess now

There are many who will say, 'Its about time to end North Korea' and that might be true. However, if Trump squashes North Korea (by any military methods) there is likely going to be hell to pay (sort of like after a World War II condition because millions are going to die. (and this is a given). So, where are those people going to die the most?

The first place they would die is anywhere near nuclear silos or launching semi trucks mobile across North Korea. North Korea likes mobile launchers like Russia does a lot too so it is more difficult to find their missiles. The U.S. does this mostly with nuclear powered submarines now with 16 trident nuclear ICBMS on board each submarine worldwide throughout the 7 seas. So, you are less likely to see mobile nuclear launchers in the U.S. than you are in Russia, China and North Korea. I'm not sure about other nuclear armed nations like England, France, Germany, Israel, Pakistan, India and maybe soon Iran and Saudi Arabia.

So, the way Trump is presently sounding he is saying basically, "Thus far and No Further, North Korea. We are completely done watching you do these things now!"

So, a pre-emptive strike is likely near after watching this sort of thing now since the 1950s when I was a child and watching Bay of Pigs, and the Cuban Missile Crisis and JFK's assassination which directly or indirectly ties into the Bay of Pigs AND the Cuban Missile Crisis and what happened in the Soviet Union during the next few years after Kennedy was killed.

So, I think we are looking at a potential pre-emptive strike by Trump within the next 6 months to a year from the U.S. unless something radically changes somewhere.

But, just expect millions are going to die various places (mostly north and south Korea) if this happens. But, this could unleash something that kills literally 25 to 50 million people or more which could be pretty horrific and because of todays technology this could all happen within any 7 day to 2 week period. But, likely Trump isn't going to put up with much more from North Korea.

So, whether you are calling Trump strong or weak, one thing you can definitely say he is not a diplomat and instead he used to getting his way no matter what happens to anyone even if they die.

I'm thinking Trump's ego is more important to him than the 25 to 50 million people that might die in this conflict within a few weeks after it is initiated.

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