Friday, August 11, 2017

I think Trump's NK thing is a "Smokescreen" covering up what is happening with Manafort and other things

If you look at what Trump always does: it is "Redirect attention" away from what he doesn't want you to think about. Sort of like a Used Car salesman or magician and other people trying to pull the wool over your eyes about anything. Religious leaders sometimes do this to keep people from asking certain questions too regarding any aspect of life they don't want questioned.

It is an ancient sales technique used to bamboozle the masses so they don't ask certain questions about anything.

So, I think now Manafort (or many other things) Trump doesn't want to be in the news for his purposes. So, he likely will say and do almost anything (possibly including nuking North Korea) to change the subject from anything he doesn't want discussed.

I don't think you can call Trump any more sane than you could call Hitler sane at this point.

So, if you think the president is actually rational and sane or even cares whether you or I live or die I think you are wrong.

He may be "crazy like a fox" but my point of view is "he is crazy like an insane fox!"

If he outfoxes us all then likely we will all be nuked and dead because of it.

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